Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh, to be a kid again...

I've mentioned before that I absolutely LOVE living in Houston where we can see our families often. Last week I was able to go to one of my youngest sister's volleyball games, and it was just so adorable!

Isn't her "volleyball stance" so cute? Haha.

This isn't regular volleyball. This is ten-year-old volleyball, where it's really exciting when a serve makes it over the net, and it's really, really exciting if that serve miraculously gets returned!

Celebrating a successful serve!

Despite the scoring being mostly due to unsuccessful serves, I really enjoyed being at this game. Her team was so adorable... they were just so supportive of each other! Every time a girl touched the ball they all congratulated her. It didn't matter whether or not the other team got a point out of it.

It was just such a sweet group of girls. They reminded me that life can be so happy if you take a second to celebrate each little opportunity. I really enjoyed getting to watch the game and cheer on my little sister. She may not be a fantastic volleyball player just yet, but I'm still more proud of her than I could ever express. She may be eleven years younger than me, but I look up to her in so many ways. Plus, she's just so adorable wearing her volleyball uniform and trying to hit the ball!!


Anyone else have siblings that are a lot younger? Isn't it nice to have kids around to keep you from taking the world too seriously?


  1. I don't have any younger siblings but I always wanted to be a big sister. I am a little sister however!

    I do love that kids keep us from taking things too seriously! Being a teacher is fabulous for this!

  2. For me it's my nephews. Getting to watch them be exposed to something really fun for the first time or do something they totally love. THAT is a joy. :)

  3. My brothers are 10 years & 17 years younger than me. I'm actually spending this week helping out by taking them to baseball games & boyscouts. I really enjoy it!

  4. that hugging shot is just precious!

    i have a fourteen year old brother. he's cute :)