Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I haven't disappeared!

I haven't blogged in an entire five days, or something like that. It's crazy, I know. Normally I get something posted like... 8 out of 10 days! But, it turns out that studying for finals is really time consuming. It also turns out that getting a mortgage, getting a home inspection, doing construction walkthroughs, and such is also really time consuming.

And also... (in the interest of being totally honest), I've found a new black hole for all of my spare time to get lost in: Pinterest! I think Pinterest time has replaced my blogging time recently. Oops. But seriously, y'all have to check it out because it's amazing. You can follow me if you want! My boards are here.

Pinterest is a tool for saving lots of lots of images - it's PERFECT for when you're hunting for new home decor ideas! I have an entire board full of house ideas:

And a board full of DIY ideas...

And a board of things I'd like to cook...

And a board that I like to call "Just So Cute" where I put things that are, well, just so cute!

Oh, and if you want to join Pinterest NOW without waiting for their invite, use the link at the bottom of this website: http://www.beyond-snapshots.com/blog/2011/02/23/we-♥-pinterest/

I have SO many plans for the new house already. My head is just swimming with DIY and decor and such, and guess what? I'm newly obsessed with power tools. I want a jig saw and a pneumatic nail gun and a heavy duty staple gun and a power sander. I have big plans for all of them at the new house! Eeee!

Unfortunately, we're about to drop a large chunk of our savings account on the actual purchase of the house, so I can't go crazy spending the money we've got left on power tools. But I do have some simpler ideas that can get done right away! For example, the guest bedroom is going to get a little facelift! Right now our guest bedroom looks like this:

In the new house, we're going to keep all the same furniture, but we're going to paint the walls a nice light turquoise-ish aqua! Look at the right wall in the picture below...

By the way, I did this image on the Valspar website - they have a virtual painter where you can see what your walls would look like in a different color! It only works on white (or really light) walls, so I didn't do the red one, but I think the aqua looks great!

The red-black-white is just a tad too in-your-face for what I'd really like, so I'm excited to make it a little more light and airy with the aqua! Here are my inspiration images for the new guest bedroom:

Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

What do y'all think? Can I pull off the aqua and red? Can we be friends on Pinterest?

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  1. How fun! The aqua and red looks great!

  2. Your inspiration photos are gorgeous!! Loving the aqua and red.

  3. Oh I LOVE the red and aqua. omg that will be AMAZING. that website looks great, i cant wait to look at it.

  4. pinterest is the best! i am so envious of all the decorating you've got to look forward to!