Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Current Kitchen Table

When I need a break from law school, sometimes I like to change around the stuff on our kitchen table and play with various tablescapes. Sometimes I coordinate with upcoming holidays (you can kinda see my Valentine's table in this post, or the fall one here), and sometimes I just play. I try to make the prettiest tables I can without buying anything new!

I'm absolutely in love with my current table layout (so much that I'm leaving it be rather than switching it out for some Easter/Spring cuteness!), so I thought I'd share it with y'all.

The whole thing - pashminas as table runners are my favorite! This pashmina happens to be from London. :o)

Bird's eye view

Our everyday dishes, napkin & ring from Pier 1 (over a year ago)

Love these napkin rings! So cute!

In the center of the table...

Bowl (a gift from my parents, who brought it back from Hawaii) w/ wine corks (I knew I was keeping them all for something!)

Carved elephant (a souvenir from a trip to Malaysia when Jeff was little) - you can't see it from the photo, but it has a baby elephant inside! It's like a pregnant elephant, and it's AMAZING how they carved it through those holes! One of the great things about getting married is that you become a part-owner of cool stuff like this! Haha.

A couple of green vases from CSN Stores, filled with "dried natural" branches from Hobby Lobby

Love it!

I especially like how the green vases bring out the green in the paintings over the piano!

I love how the dark brown goes with our dishes, and I love the pop of green. I also love how well-travelled it feels with the Hawaiian bowl and the Malaysian elephant (and the pashmina from London and corks from Argentina and France and other places!). The best part - I did it totally with stuff I already had, with the exception of the dried branches & flowery things, which I paid a grand total of $3.50 for at Hobby Lobby. 

Anyone else like to play around with the kitchen table? What's your best creative tablescape solution (mine is totally the pashmina-as-a-runner)?


  1. I love it!!! You have inspired me to do something with mine!!

  2. Oh how fun! I would've never thought of using a pashmina as a table runner!

    I haven't done much with our table yet, because I need to reupholster the chairs. As soon as I do that, I think I will want to decorate it more.

  3. looks great! my table is covered with craft supplies :)

  4. very cute! I too like to change things up. Throw pillows are my favourite things in life..maybe weakness is more like it :)

  5. It's beautiful!! I can't wait until we have a real kitchen table that I can decorate.. we currently have nothing :(

  6. I love it! My 'solution' is a big bowl that matches our dining room - I fill it with different things depending on the season. Easy and cheap!

    But like Jacin said, my table is usually covered in craft/etsy stuff. Oops!

  7. I love the purple! I think it all looks great together.

    As for ours, does a bunch of papers, books, and purse count? No, then I guess we don't really have on here.

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