Thursday, March 10, 2011

Billy Elliot!

Jeff and I have season tickets to something called Broadway Across America at Houston's Hobby Center. It's basically a ticket package for various musicals that come through Houston on tour. So far this season we've seen Shrek the Musical, Burn the Floor, West Side Story, and as of Tuesday - Billy Elliot! 

Shrek the Musical was actually really, really good - I'd definitely recommend it if you ever get the chance to see it. I wasn't thrilled with the Broadway Across American version of West Side Story - about half of the song lyrics and 1/4 of the dialogue was in Spanish, so it was hard to follow at times. Then again, I'm a big fan of West Side Story, so I may have had overly high expectations. I didn't like Burn the Floor at all... it literally has no storyline and I fell asleep. 

Anyway, the point of this post was that we finally got to see Billy Elliot, which Jeff has been looking forward to all season. It was so nice to get dressed up and go out on "real date!" I would totally recommend season tickets to something like this to all busy couples. It forces us to actually make time for an evening out every once in a while, which is so good!

Another use for that gray cardigan from Marshalls!

Billy Elliot was SO, SO good! It's the story of a British coal miner's son who accidentally attends a ballet class and ends up being really talented and wanting to audition for the Royal Ballet School. It was funny and touching and artistic and everything all at once. The music, sets, and costumes were all wonderful. LOVED it. Jeff loved it too... 

Despite the excitement in these pictures, he tells me he does not want to be a ballerina. I had to ask just to be sure. :)

In a month or two we get to go see Mamma Mia, which may or may not be my favorite musical ever. What's your favorite musical? Has anybody else seen Billy Elliot?


  1. The hubby and I used to be season ticket holders to the Dallas Summer Musicals! I absolutely LOVE Mamma Mia (I've seen it twice - hehe). I'll have to catch Billy Elliot.

  2. how fun! ive actually never been to a musical before but i think i would have liked to see this one. btws your husband is hilarious! jazz hannnnds! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  3. ahh have a fabulous time! I Love Billy Elliot :) One of my favorite musicals is RENT :) love your blog! xo

  4. That sounds like fun! And I love the fun photos your husband posed for! : )

    We just got tickets to go see Wicked for the first time (I'm a little behind). My favorite musical might have to be The Lion King though, I saw it in Chicago and it was awesome.

  5. ok, Broadway across America sounds amazing... I need to look into seeing if we have something like that around here! And your hubby looks like he is hilarious! I found you by your comment on Amanda @ New Adventures and love your blog! I'll definitely be following.

  6. Love musicals! So fun. I think Mamma Mia is my favorite too. The songs are just too catchy:-) xoxo