Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Guest Dress Hunt

While on my weekly excursion to Marshall's HomeGoods (I'm on the hunt for the perfect pot in which to replant the tree that lives on our balcony), I stopped by the dress racks to get a head start on buying some outfits for all those weddings!

This is the "Yay weddings!" section of our fridge. :o)

First, let me just show you the genius-ness that is the hooks in the Marshalls dressing room:

LOVE those hooks. They keep me so organized! Haha. Anyway, I took four dresses to the dressing room and two were entirely too big. I tried on two dresses that I liked, and that fit pretty well, but I ended up coming up with tiny reasons why I didn't want to buy them and I just talked myself out of them. I think I do that a lot with clothes. Can y'all tell me if I'm being rational, or just overly picky?

A cute little gray MaxStudio dress for $19.99! 
I just happened to be wearing that necklace... it's not like, attached to the dress or something. Haha.

I talked myself out of this one because 1) it's gray, and I feel like I should be adding more color to my wardrobe, and 2) it was this weird circle fabric, and I was convinced that it would get all wrinkly and weird-looking the first time I washed it, and i didn't want to deal with ironing all those little circles. 

Of course, now that I see the pictures I really just want it... and a cute pair of yellow peep-toe heels... haha. This next one I also liked quite a bit...

Another $19.99 dress!

But alas, I decided it was too similar to a dress I already own, and that I shouldn't spend $20 on an almost-repeat dress.

I already have this dress.
Sidenote: I need to get my hair cut! It looks so much better there than it does now!!

So I came home sans-dress, and also sans-pot (poor Mr. Tree has been living for months in his plastic pot from the garden store!). I need to find some time to drive out to the outlet mall!! Maybe this weekend?


  1. those hooks are too fun! xoxo jcd

  2. Love that first dress. I think you need to go back and get it!!! You could do a lot with it. The second dress is cute too, but it is quite similar to the dress you already have.

  3. Katie, you should get the second dress! It looks plenty different from the one you already have...you can tell there's a slight difference in cut that makes it slimming and really fits your figure without being revealing. Plus...the colors are different! :)

  4. yeah, i totally see what you mean about the gray dress. i would never want to take the time to iron all those little circles and then it would just sit in my closet.

    we're pretty lame about anniversaries too! i mean, our big night consisted of not studying and watching five episodes of everyone loves raymond instead, hahaha.

  5. Ooooh, go back and get that 2nd one! I absolutely love it, it's different enough/dressier than the one you have, and it's SO flattering on you!

    We have 3 save the dates on our fridge right now with a couple on the way! Yay weddings!

  6. omg that second dress is adorable!! and i'm totally going thru the same thing...shopping for weddings!

  7. the new premium outlets on 290 are FABulous. I went there with a friend on Friday and spent entirely too much money..but I am redoing my wardrobe so I guess it's a must :)

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