Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Decor

I know I told you that we don't really do Valentine's Day, but when I accidentally put our lovely Pier One placemats in the dryer and turned them into shrunken little mis-shapen rectangles, it seemed like a good opportunity to whip out my old red placemats from college and make the kitchen table a little February-festive.


Dark chocolate Valentine's M&Ms in another milk glass piece given to me by Jeff's grandma! She keeps giving us these beautiful pieces, and I just treasure them so much!

After a few days, I caught a glimpse of a pink pashmina in my scarf drawer and I just had to add it to the table to bring in a little pink! Wrinkled pashmina table runner = the best cheap decorating idea I've had in a while!

I love it when I can decorate using a bunch of things we already have. Now I'm just craving a set of solid white plates... maybe the modern-ish square kind? They would be so cute!

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