Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Ahh, the Super Bowl. Even when you have no special attachment to either team whatsoever, you've still got to whip up some appetizers and chips and dip and gather around the biggest TV you've got. So, naturally, that's exactly what we did! For me, the Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to spend a few extra dollars at the grocery store and whip up some fun Super-Bowl-ish food. A day spent in the kitchen? Perfect!

Here's what was on our Super Bowl menu:

Football brownies! I make these every year and they're super easy. Just refrigerate the brownies for a while, then use a football-shaped cookie cutter and add some frosting!

Here's a photo of last year's brownies... I think they look cuter with the extra white stripes... I forgot the stripes this year!

Sour Cream & Onion dip (16 oz sour cream, 1 pkg onion soup mix) and Chips!
Sausage balls with mustard-dill dip! (I'll post a recipe on these soon...)

Stromboli! (This was SO SO good! Recipe to come soon!)

Other than great football food, the best part of the Super Bowl (in my opinion...) is the commercial breaks! Here's my favorite from this year:

Usually I really enjoy the halftime show as well, but this year... I just was NOT impressed with the Black Eyed Peas at all. Are they always like that live? It was awfully disappointing. Oh and then there was Christina Aguilera messing up the National Anthem. Seriously?!?! But I think that topic has been exhausted already, so I won't go there. :o)

Did you have a fun Super Bowl Sunday? What's your favorite football snack food?


  1. I'm still eating 7 layer dip! I love it. The football brownies are super cute!

  2. We didn't even watch the superbowl. The hubs is not a football fan and I was doing about a million different things. Love that commercial and the Doritos Pug one!! Those football brownies are so cute!!!!

  3. i love the football brownies! living in pittsburgh, we definitely watched the super bowl and were pretty bummed that the steelers lost.