Thursday, January 13, 2011

Will-Do Winter - "Hang Something on a Wall!"

Congratulations to everyone who participated in Will-Do Winter! I know I enjoyed crossing some things off of my to-do list, and I hope you did as well!

The last Will-Do Winter challenge was to hang something on a wall (curtains, photos, art, etc.). I had a lot of empty walls, so I went ahead and did this six times. Haha.

1. Master bedroom curtains

2. Guest bedroom curtains

3. Stick people art in my bathroom

4. Jeff's Eagle Scout letters in our bedroom

5. Frame collage in the guest bedroom

6. Key/letter holder in the entryway

I got two emails from readers who also participated, and here they are:

Kelly from A Girl, A Guy, and 2 Puppies hung this clock above her mantle (in her BRAND NEW home!):

Laura from The Luckiest in Love hung some DIY art pieces above her bed:

Thanks for joining me in the wall-decorating fun! I'm off to finish the rest of my winter to-do list in the few days I have left before law school starts up again next Tuesday!

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