Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wedding Album Disappointment

Remember how one of my winter to-do list items was to design and order our wedding album? Well, I did it, and I ordered it, and yesterday... it came!

Brownie points to MyPublisher for the cute packaging...

I was so excited to open it up! And when I saw my book, it was beautiful! Until I opened it. When I opened it, there were two MAJOR problems. The first was these weird white spots on the black background on about 1/3 of the pages. Umm, not okay!

The next issue was that every single page seems to be skewed toward the center fold. About a centimeter is cut off of each layout in the center! SERIOUSLY not okay. I even went back and checked my preview images because I thought maybe it was my fault. But it wasn't. 

See how my whole bouquet shows up here?

Where'd it go??

See how the right hand page has two black margins?

No margin on the left in the real book.

See how there are 12 SQUARE photos?

Chopped off at the center!

EVERY page is like that. So I of course emailed MyPublisher's customer service. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and claim to have a great customer service department, so I had high hopes. Sure enough, the customer service guys emailed back about an hour later, and they gave me a coupon code to get another copy of the book for free, plus free one-day shipping! Apparently the issues with the book were just manufacturing flaws that shouldn't happen again.

So, I submitted my next order, and I'm anxiously waiting to find my new album in our mailbox early next week! I'm worried that the book will have the same issues, but I'm hoping for the best. Cross your fingers for me?

The good news is that I'm VERY, VERY happy with the print quality (minus the weird white spots), the paper quality, the lay-flat pages, and the cover. Seriously, the cover is this pretty matte finish and it's fingerprint-resistant and it's just lovely. It beats the Shutterfly book covers by about a million percent. But at least Shutterfly had their layouts centered correctly. I'll keep y'all updated!


  1. Ooh, I definitely want to see how the 2nd copy turns out! My friend who got married the same day as you just showed me her album this week - I can't remember now which company she used, but it was one I hadn't heard of so I'm going to do some more research. Hope your issues are resolved with the new copy!

  2. Wow!! Well it sounds like they def. have good customer service, so i hope the 2nd one comes back the way you want it! Looking forward to checking back and seeing. But, the album looks great despite those manufacturing flaws!

  3. hey dear! found you via mingle monday and thought i'd follow you! i loved reading this post (and I'm from texas too!) i look forward to seeing how your album turns out once you get the new copy!

  4. Hi, I just recently came up on your page and noticed your beautiful hair.....can you please send me your hair stylist information. I am getting married in March 2011.:) Thanks in advance,

  5. Hi Sandy, I'd love to send you the info, but you didn't leave an email address!

    My wedding stylist was Hilda Kershman in Houston. Hope that helps!