Sunday, January 9, 2011

Master Bedroom Before & Afters

Like the guest bedroom, the master bedroom has been updated quite a bit since I last shared photos with you!

Here it is when Jeff moved in:

All of Jeff's furniture technically belonged to his parents, and he had to give it all back so his brother could take it to college, so this bedroom literally began with absolutely nothing. Jeff actually slept in the guest room for a while until we could get some furniture in the master!

But then, the stars aligned and we ended up finding a $200 bedroom set (bed, dresser, nightstand - purchased from a family friend). We also bought way discounted mattress (a last-year's-model floor model from Mattress Giant). Sidenote: buying a floor model mattress is a great idea if you can get over the idea that a bunch of random strangers bounced around on your bed before you bought it. Ours was seriously discounted, looked brand new, and had all of the stain-guard treatments and such that you would normally have to pay extra for. We bought it in December 2009... I think they sell the floor models at the end of the year.

Here it is when I moved in after the wedding. We had already hung a few things on the walls (stuff from my apartment in College Station), painted it Behr's "cocoa rum," and brought in the new bedding, a wedding gift from my grandparents!

A new bedside table and more things on the wall! We got rid of that white bookshelf (on the right side in the before photo), moved the small nightstand to my side (the right), and then brought in the little wooden chest that used to be in the guest room for Jeff's side. 

Here's my side! I'm most proud of that lamp, which I found at Target for $2.98. I still think there must have been some mistake with the price scanner or something. Ignore all the law school junk on the right.

I had two crosses that used to hang in my bedroom in my old apartment, and Jeff had one, so I grouped them all together and they looked just right! Perfect for that little wall. 

Here are the before and afters of the curtains:

I totally recommend Ikea curtains. They're cheap (these were $14.99 for the pair), and they come unhemmed at 98" long (normal curtain size is 86",  and the longer ones are usually way more expensive). They come with iron-on hemming tape, which is super simple and allows you to make them the exact height you want. 

I'm also a fan of hanging your curtain rods 6" (or even more!) above the window. I think it makes rooms look taller.

Next we have that wall by the dresser...


I'm still figuring out what exactly I want on the shelves, but for now they're a perfect place for a few photos and the stuffed bears that Jeff bought me years ago. 

Wanna hear about the stuffed bears? They both have cute stories!

One was a birthday present when I turned 18 (it has a Texas A&M shirt and when you squeeze its arm it plays a recording of Jeff saying "Can you guess what I'm thinking? If you guessed 'I love you!', you're right! Happy birthday!"). My uncles found it once and thought it was hilarious. The next time Jeff saw them, my Uncle Mark said "hey Jeff, can you guess what I'm thinking?" and Jeff said "I don't know Mark, what are you thinking?" and Uncle Mark goes "If you guessed 'I love you!', you're right!" Bahaha. Jeff used to be pretty sappy back in the day. :)

The other one was actually from before we were dating (we were best friends for three years before we got together). I was having a horrible week, so Jeff bought a "Somebody in South Carolina Loves Me" bear, stuck it in a box, and express mailed it to me with a note saying that he was sorry he wasn't in Texas to give me a hug and make my week better, and that the bear would have to do until he could get home. He was a good best friend. :) 

Anyway, back to the master bedroom. I'm super happy with it. We didn't buy anything, other than the $200 furniture, the great-deal mattress, the curtains, the $3 lamp, and one brown frame. Plus the paint for the walls. Now that I have our bedroom done, I finally feel like the apartment is finished. Unless we decide to upgrade that kitchen table...

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