Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Is it too late for a Thanksgiving Recap? It's only really been a week, but somehow I feel like the blogging world is already WAY past Thanksgiving and moving on to Christmas. Weird.

Anyway... I have to let you all know how our crazy day of three Thanksgivings went, right?

Triple Thanksgiving!!!

As it turns out, they went really, really well! And it wasn't even that crazy. We drove the five hours to McKinney on Wednesday so I could bake pumpkin pies and help my grandma with some other prep work. Pumpkin pies are my job every year... it's been that way since I was in middle school (although I used to get some help from Grandmom...hehe). This year, I made FIVE!

And since Thanksgiving is all about tradition and whatnot, the guys sat and did nothing in the living room while the women folk slaved away in the kitchen. Ha. (Note: this has nothing to do with traditional gender roles. We just cook better than them! Hehe.)

Granddad, Daddy, and Jeff

My sister, My Grandmom, My mom, and Me

It was so good to spend some time with my sister... she keeps herself busy with a double-major in Dance and Business, so I don't get to see her a lot. The following series of photos describes perfectly why I love her so much:

"I just love you so much!!!"

"Whoa, that picture looks weird with your hand on my head..."


"Okay, real picture..."

"Kristen! I said 'real picture'!!!"

"Okay, okay."

And then, since my sister is my go-to fashion expert, I naturally had to show her my brand-new black boots that I found at TJ Maxx. And my husband, who has apparently been trained to snap photos of everything for the blog, naturally got it on film (err... on memory card).

After the baking and prep cooking was done, we then drove the 1.5 hours to Fort Worth to Jeff's grandparents' house, where I was given the task of decorating the tables for Thanksgiving. I had a big bunch of fall flowers, a collection of crystal vases, a small bunch of gourds and things, and free reign to be creative. SO up my alley. I wish I had pictures of the tables all done, but I don't. But I loved it. What fun. Law school is totally squishing my creative side, so it was nice to just relax and make something pretty. :o) I love how Jeff's family knows me so well... just give me a bunch of flowers, an hour or so, and a couple of blank slate tables and I'm happy!

On Thanksgiving morning, we got up on time and got ready on time and made the 1.5 hour drive to Plano, TX to see my grandparents on my dad's side for Thanksgiving #1. There was absolutely no traffic, and we were running so early that we stopped for Starbucks. At that point, we were bragging to ourselves about how we totally rock at Triple Thanksgiving.

It was a GREAT meal, but alas... the photos are on my mom's camera. Sorry guys!

Then we drove the hour and a half back to Fort Worth for Thanksgiving #2 (are you following all this? haha). We managed to leave Plano on time, and arrive in Fort Worth on time, and everything was going great (more bragging to ourselves about how good we are at Triple Thanksgiving. That's what happens when two overachievers get married).

Even though we were full from Thanksgiving #1, we managed to nibble on some honeybaked ham, stuffed mushrooms, and stuffing. Mmm, mmm, mmm. And then, another hour and a half drive back to McKinney for Thanksgiving #3! This was the drive during which I cracked up laughing upon passing DFW airport yet again. My poor little Mazda definitely didn't get a day off for Thanksgiving. We don't have a picture from this drive because I was asleep. Oops. Turkey coma? We arrived in McKinney just in time for me to help finish the gravy, corn, and a couple other things.

And then, after another delicious dinner (why did I take all those pictures on my mom's camera?!?!?), we watched the Texas A&M - Texas football game, where (of course) the Aggies absolutely dominated. We had my little cousins saying "Let's go Aggies!" and it was absolutely adorable.

Then we decided to look at the Black Friday ads. And then we realized that Wal-Mart's sales started at midnight. So we left right away because my mom and I wanted a pair of Shark steam mops so, so badly! And we got them - just $36 each! My sister, aunt, and sister's boyfriend also came, and we got a bunch of great deals! Then there was coffee, then Kohls at 3am, Target at 4am, and Sam's at 5am. I'll spare you the details. :)

My sister's boyfriend waiting in the Kohls line while the rest of us sat in the warm car. What a guy. He's from up north somewhere, so he can handle the cold. Ha.

Looking pretty good for 3am and no sleep!

And then, after a little bit of sleep, Jeff drove back to Houston while I napped in the passenger seat. And then I studied for law school.


  1. I'm so impressed that you did Black Friday on top of your three Thanksgivings!

  2. Wow I felt like I was re-reading my own Thanksgivings! Too funny. We've done 3 Thanksgivings the last several years and this year I even did the Walmart, Kohl's and Target openings too! Two big gold stars to you guys!