Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Three Thanksgivings!

Today, Jeff and I are making the four-hour drive up I45 to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for Thanksgiving! Somehow we ended up being so blessed that we have not one, not two, but THREE big Thanksgivings to attend! Yes, this will be crazy, Yes, there will be lots of hellos and goodbyes and driving around. But oh my gosh... it is going to be so great to see our extended families and just enjoy a holiday together!

As excited as we are, three Thanksgivings in three Dallas-Ft. Worth suburbs is a little insane (but not so much when you compare it to our plan to drive four hours from Dallas to Houston on CHRISTMAS DAY...). I'm predicting we won't try to do this again after this year, because it's kind of an absolute mess. We're going to be driving almost 200 miles back and forth between the suburbs (likely in pretty bad traffic) on Thanksgiving Day. And we're doing a lot of coming late and leaving early in order to actually make it to all three.  I may or may not have typed up a very detailed timeline for the day.

We'll start in the morning @ Jeff's grandparents' house (Fort Worth).
Then Thanksgiving #1 - Plano, TX - My dad's extended family
Then Thanksgiving #2 - Fort Worth, TX - Jeff's family
Then Thanksgiving #3 - McKinney, TX - My mom's extended family

I can already picture us... Jeff driving like a maniac to try and make it to the next meal somewhat on time and me in the passenger seat re-applying makeup and trying my best not to stab myself in the eyeball with a mascara wand. To all of my readers who ask me what married life is life, sometimes it's like that. Every now and then it's all cuddling and sharing a bottle of wine and cooking yummy dinners. But mostly, it's real and it's flawed and it's full of things like driving 200 miles on Thanksgiving Day.

And of course, we'll be watching the Aggies take on Texas - Gig 'em Ags!

And then.... an early-morning Black Friday adventure with my sister, and a Christmas tree farm visit! The holidays are upon us!

I'm praying for maximum thankfulness and minimum stress. I'll be sure to update you on just how crazy the Thanksgiving craziness gets.

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  1. Oh gosh, you're a brave girl!!! Be safe with all that driving. Last year, we spent Christmas morning with my family in San Antonio and then Christmas evening with my fiances family in Tyler. 6 hour drive on Christmas day = worst mistake we've made in our relationship so far :)