Monday, November 1, 2010

Love Like Crazy: Waking Up & Hair and Makeup!

At 9am my cell phone began buzzing at me. I reached over, turned it off, and wished in my head that I could just sleep a teensy tiny bit longer. And then BM Kristen sat up in bed, and I looked over, and she said "You're getting married today!" and just like that, I was awake, and it was my wedding day!

An exciting morning at my parents' house!

Within seconds I had four bridesmaids in pajamas on my bed smiling and exclaiming things, and seconds after that we were all wearing our monogrammed robes and making our way downstairs, where we found my oh-so-on-top-of-things makeup artist and her assistant already setting up! They completely took over my parents' kitchen!

Look! Excessive amounts of lip glosses! 

My mom had set out a bunch of pastries, and my dad was making mimosas, and although I still wanted just a few more minutes of sleep, it was good to be awake and be a bride! Kelli Nicole arrived with her camera, and at exactly 9:30 (right on schedule!), the two make-up artists got started with my Mom and Grandmom. 

Pretty Mommy! 

They bought robes for the occasion as well. :)

One by one, my bridesmaids took a seat in the stylists' chairs and got all pretty-fied. I'm pretty sure BMsister Karoline LOVED this. It was like any 10-year-old girl's dream. 

A few days before the wedding, BM Amy helped me pick out a few hairstyle options for the bridesmaids. I had given inspiration photos of all three to the stylists, and the girls picked either a low centered bun, a curled side ponytail, or a side bun. They ended up all going with one of the side options, with an even split - 3 ponytails and 3 buns!

BM Amy and BM Kristen with their hair all done!

Meanwhile... the dresses waited patiently on their hangers...

My stylist, Hilda, was amazing at keeping things on schedule. I had worked with her to build my timeline for the day, and she stuck to it so well. We were even running a few minutes early by the time it was my turn! 

Hilda did my hair for my bridal portraits as well, so I was hugely confident in her ability to recreate my hair and makeup just like before. As Hilda worked her magic, I just sat and relaxed!

At some point my Mother-in-Law stopped by to drop off more pens for the quilt guestbook, and Hilda went into total protect-the-bride mode. It was hilarious. She leaned down and was like "Katie, Jeff's mom is at the door. Were you expecting her? Do you want to see her? This wasn't in the timeline." I laughed and told her yes I was expecting her, yes I wanted to say Hi, and don't worry - I like my mother in law! Anyway, that's just an example of how Hilda spent the whole day just making sure I wasn't stressed or worried about anything. She was great. :)

I accidentally inhaled hairspray. Yuck.

Pretty soon I was all done!


Time for the birdcage veil! Eeee! I think I was more excited to put on my veil than I was to put on my dress. I had already put the dress on about two dozen times due to my extraordinarily large number of dress fittings, so it had kind of lost its magic. But the veil... the veil was bridal and perfect and lovely. 

My bridesmaids liked the veil too. They were playing with it!

And I was done!

Three generations - all set with hair and makeup!

My bridesmaids are the prettiest. Period. :)

Hilda packed up and left, and I crossed the "hair and makeup" section off my timeline and drank the first of many water bottles offered to me by my bridesmaids. Note to brides: you will be bombarded by continuous offers to get you water or help you pee. Please, please do not accept all of these offers. No normal person needs to drink or pee that much (although, if you accept all of the water offers... you might need those bathroom ones!).

At this point, we were ahead of schedule according to the timeline, and I was having so much fun hanging out with all of my best friends! What a wonderful, wonderful morning!

**All photos by Kelli Nicole Photography.

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