Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Like Crazy: Tossing the Bouquet and Garter!

When the DJ asked all the single ladies to come to the dance floor, I realized I wasn't wearing my garter (It was uncomfortable and itchy! I didn't wear it at all!). So I grabbed my MOH and we super-quickly shoved it onto my leg.

The DJ played "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and then (because I was such a slowpoke) followed it with "Put a Ring on It (All the Single Ladies)."

I have many younger cousins and a ton of single college friends, so there wasn't any shortage of bouquet catchers!

I said a little prayer that I wouldn't do something embarrassing like throw it into the chandelier, and then I tossed!

One of my sorority sisters, Valerie, caught the bouquet! I guess this means her boyfriend better get going! :)

Then it was time to get the garter off. 

My garter was slightly too big for my thigh, which resulted in it being shoved it pretty high on my leg in order to stay on. I failed to take into consideration that it would be fairly hard for Jeff to actually reach the thing...

So I tried my best to slouch in my chair so he could reach it, and it was only moderately embarrassing. Our wedding guests thought it was hilarious!

For some reason Jeff's best man wanted the garter really, really bad. So of course he caught it. 

Thomas was so proud of the garter that he took a bunch of photos of it when he got home that night. And I think the other guys were all of the "better you than me" mindset, so they were happy too. 

And then, it was back to DANCING!

All photos by Kelli Nicole Photography.

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