Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love Like Crazy: A Sparkling End!

One of my favorite reception details (and one I didn't mention in my "details" post!) was the vintage Rolls Royce convertible. It was pretty and white and wedding-ish, and it had maroon interior to match our wedding colors!

The sparkler exit turned out perfect, and our designated sparkler handlers only had to skip over a couple of people due to tipsiness. :)

The kids hatched a plan to shower us with leftover candy buffet candy as well, so we left under a shower of sparkles and Sixlets.

I thought it was so fun that everyone was all excited and waving and shouting "We love you!" It was a sparkly, giggly, lovely sendoff!

Bye, family and friends!

I gave my brand new husband a kiss as we drove away... headed off into the world as a married couple!

And my dad, the father of three daughters, celebrated the fact that he finally got one of us married off. :)

Thank you for reliving my wedding with me and reading my recaps! I hope there were some helpful tidbits in them for other brides, and I hope they were at least slightly entertaining! If you have any questions about our vendors, DIY projects, etc., feel free to comment on a post or shoot me an email!

All photos by Kelli Nicole.


  1. your wedding was so so pretty katie! i love all of your little details - i'm working on some of our wedding details over the break and i cant wait to have finished products to show for it haha

  2. Wow!! Your exit was amazing!! Your wedding was beautiful but your exit was seriously Incredible!!!!!!