Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love Like Crazy: Pre-Ceremony Excitement!

We arrived at the Chapel, and my florist was just a minute or two behind us! I was so, so excited to see our bouquets!

Believe it or not, this photo was not staged! They actually smelled that good!

I was also really excited to see my grandparents! They looked so elegant, and they were so happy! I love my Gran and Grandpa so, so much. 

And of course... now that we had the bouquets, we had to take MORE PHOTOS! :)

We retreated to the bridal room around 3:40, knowing that Jeff and the guys were scheduled to arrive at 3:45. But all too quickly, my bridesmaids left and ran out to greet the arriving guests! Which left me all alone in the bridal room. Sad, right? Haha. It actually wasn't so bad... it gave me a second to stop and collect my thoughts and pray for a couple minutes for my brand new marriage. Plus I went to the bathroom all by myself! {Helpful sidenote: It's easiest in a giant dress if you just face the wrong way on the toilet. Just lift your dress and step forward. It may be weird, but seriously... it works!}

Pretty soon my bridesmaids came back, and they brought my aunts and cousins to visit! 

Our bouquets waited patiently...

Meanwhile... the guys were lounging around wasting time. I don't think they even started getting ready until about 10 minutes before they were supposed to leave. Crazy boys. :)

Photo from Jeff's grandma

Jeff's grandma grabbed these shots as they descended the stairs - all dressed and ready to go!

Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Jeff's Mom - Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Apparently there was some sort of disaster regarding vertical wrinkles in the pants caused by hangers, so they ended up being a little behind schedule due to last-minute ironing. But not to worry, they hopped in the cars and SPED to the Chapel! 

Photo from Jeff's Grandma

Hold on! 
Photo from GM Thomas

Photo from GM Thomas

Photo from GM Thomas

Finally the guys arrived at the Chapel, only two minutes behind the timeline! 

They fastened on the bouts...

They took some snazzy photos...

And then my bridesmaids left AGAIN to go get some pictures with my groom...

One last family shot...

At this point lots of guests were arriving, so the Church's wedding coordinator sent the entire wedding party into their respective rooms.

The Chapel!

The sun was hitting the stained glass just right. It was so pretty!

We hung out in the bridal room, waiting for the Ceremony to start. My cousins (our flower girls) came to hang out with the big girls...


Guests arrived, signed the guest book, and were escorted to their seats by the groomsmen...

It was almost time to get married! Eeee! Next up, the Ceremony!

Photos (unless otherwise noted) by Kelli Nicole Photography


  1. Your bouquet is gorgeous!

  2. love the recaps!! (i think i say that everytime haha)

  3. I love that first picture!! Your bouquet looks fab.

    BTW I passed on the Versatile Blogger award to you

  4. Pretty pictures! I actually went to the bathroom all by myself too, but I did it the 'normal' way - I was so proud of myself for holding up my dress and the slip and not having any mishaps. :) It was nice to have those moments by myself to really take in what was about to happen!

  5. @Miss Puppy Love and Nikki - thanks! I loved my bouquet. It was based on the one on the cover of the Real Simple Weddings magazine. I had to work pretty hard to get some lily of the valley to Houston in July! Ha!

    @Laura - crazy is it that the only "alone time" you get on your wedding day is potty time? I was being followed around by bridesmaids all day, so it was nice to have a couple minutes to myself!