Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love Like Crazy: Photos Round One (Oh, and More Waiting.)

I scheduled all of the bridesmaid photos to happen before the ceremony, and we had plenty of time to do them with all of the extra cushion that somehow ended up in the timeline!

We were all so happy that day!!

I loved their dresses. Each one was unique and perfect.

I wanted to make sure I got a photo with each of my BMs individually, so we did those photos too:

MOHsister Kristen

BMsister Karoline

BM Pilar

BM Amy

BM Nicole (read my post about her wedding here!)

BM Kristen (she's getting married in June and I'm the MOH!!!!)

LOVE my family.

My grandparents looked so fancy!!

And because we had a little extra time, Kelli took some more photos of just me. :)

That bustle was a lot of work, but it sure is pretty!

Back inside, we wiped off the sweat that happens when its 102 degrees in the shade in Texas, and enjoyed the air conditioning!

Aggie rings! Whoop!

More sitting and waiting. Of course. 

And then... BM Nicole found a bustle issue!

So Team Bride went under my dress once again to fix that bustle once and for all!

Bustle fixed, we decided to take just a few more photos! I'm glad we did, because these are some of my favorites!

We were still ahead of the timeline, so even my parents took a couple minutes to relax!

We took a couple minutes to take iPhone pictures.

At this point, I was really relaxed, but also really ready to just get going! It had been a long morning, and I was counting down until 3:00pm when we could leave for the Chapel! We had a lot of down time all day, which made me a little impatient at the time, but looking back - I'm glad I built all that time in. I remember every moment of the morning and early afternoon, and I think it's because I was never in a hurry or rushing around to get things done. I was able to just soak in the moments, which was priceless. I'm a person who HATES to be late, so it was important for me to have that timeline and stick to it. It worked marvelously!

Next up... goin' to the Chapel!

**All photos by Kelli Nicole Photography.

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  1. I love that your bridesmaids all wore different style dresses! And your dress is gorgeous! I'm loving the birdcage veil.