Sunday, November 14, 2010

Love Like Crazy: Intros, Dancing, Food, and Fun!

Despite some minor mishaps regarding mosquito bites and mud puddles, we arrived at the Reception right on schedule! Our wedding party was waiting in the foyer, and the other guests were already finding their seats, drinking cocktails, and enjoying fruits and veggies and cheese and crackers!

Our reception venue!

Mmm. Munchies! 

We decided to go ahead and open up the ballroom before we arrived instead of keeping everyone in the cocktail area for the entire 45-minute cocktail hour. We had a pretty big crowd, and I wanted everyone to be able to find their seats and such before we arrived.

The head table waited for the wedding party...

After a quick pause for a flower girl potty break, we were ready for the big entrance! We walked in to the Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feelin', and our DJ announced everyone as they entered.

BMsister Karoline led the way!

So cute! And still holding on to those pomanders (which were VERY, VERY heavy by the way!)

GM Evan and BM Nicole

GM Tyler and BM Amy

GM Matt and BM Pilar

GM Tim and BM Kristen

Best Man Thomas and MOHsister Kristen

And then it was our turn!!!

Everyone was smiling and clapping. What a magical moment. I don't particularly love having all that attention on me, so I hid behind my new husband a little. He likes attention. :)

At this point I was frantically looking around the room to make sure all of my DIY things and special touches had turned out correctly, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that everything had gone according to the plan. It was time to party!

We went ahead and did our first dance right when we arrived (I wanted to get it over with while people were still milling around and finding tables and such - I didn't want 300 eyes staring at us!). We danced to Uncle Kracker - You Make Me Smile. Not quite a traditional wedding song, but we tell each other all the time, "you make me smile," so when we first heard that song we just knew that was it. :)

Our wedding party lined the dance floor (another ploy to get some of the attention off of me).

We two-stepped (it was a TEXAS wedding after all!), with a few spins and twirls mixed in. 

About halfway through we started whispering about how long the song was...

At one point I faced BM Kristen and mouthed "LONGEST SONG EVER!" I don't think anyone else saw. ;o) Eventually it was over, and I was all too happy to let someone else onto the dance floor.

My parents grabbed the microphone and welcomed everyone...

And then my dad blessed the food...

And then it was time to EAT! First, salads...

And rolls...

The groomsmen went ahead and grabbed some gummi sharks from the candy buffet while we were waiting on the main course...

I was happy to be sitting down and out of the spotlight!

Chicken Raveneaux, the chef's specialty!

Everyone enjoyed their food...

...and Jeff and I finished eating quickly so we could start making the rounds to greet all of the tables!

My parents went around greeting people too... I think between the four of us we made it to everyone!

The first dance was over, the decor was all perfect, the food was yummy, and the reception coordinator was continually refilling my wine glass... I was really enjoying our reception already!

Next up, CAKE!!!

All photos by Kelli Nicole Photography.


  1. i've said it once and i'll say it again - you looked absolutely stunning!! i love the hair :)