Monday, November 15, 2010

Love Like Crazy: CAKE!!

As you know, our cake was very important to me! I picked our cake vendor because her cakes tasted the best, but it just so happens that she's awesome at decorating as well!

First, the pictures of the un-cut cakes...


A groom's cake any gamecock grad would love!

Tuxedo strawberries. So cute!!

Jeff got an entire cake decorated for his alma mater, and I was craving a little bit of Texas A&M representation for myself. So I found a maroon and white "Howdy" pin from my days as a "Fish Camp" freshman orientation counselor, and it was stuck into the back of the cake, where no one would see it if they weren't looking. Gig 'em Ags!

The DJ played "How Sweet it Is," and we grabbed the knife and cut a small little slice...

We had a fairly big crowd gathered to watch this sugary fun...

And then I got to take a bite (so yummy!!)...

Jeff knew better than to get anything on my face. That would have been grounds for an annulment. ;o) He did, however, give me quite a large bite, which resulted in the following stuffed-mouth face.

And then I gave Jeff a bite (he thought it was yummy too).

Clean faces, yummy cake. Done and done.

The great thing about grooms' cakes is that you get to cut a SECOND cake! So we did!

Again, I got a bite...

And then I gave Jeff one...

Aww, thanks for the cake honey!!

At this point the crowd was voicing their disappointment that neither of us had shoved cake into the other's face. One of my uncles yelled "Come on Katie, get him!" and I just couldn't help myself... I dug my finger into that chocolate icing and smeared it all over Jeff's face. He was shocked!

The aftermath.

Jeff: utter surprise.
Me: utter hilarity.

Sorry sweetie... I couldn't help it. :)

"We need some napkins!!!"

Jeff got cleaned up, and then we handed chocolate-covered strawberries to the anxiously waiting children. They were in heaven! 

I later ate a piece of each kind of cake, and they were so delicious! While we were engaged I heard one too many brides say that they hadn't eaten any of the cake other than that first bite, and that was NOT going to be me! So I ate my slice (white cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese icing), and then I grabbed one from a groomsman who wasn't eating his so I could get a chocolate truffle slice as well. 

Note to brides: eat your cake. It will be yummy, and you'll be glad you did. :)

All photos by Kelli Nicole Photography.


  1. I love your cake, so pretty! I told my husband he'd sleep on the couch for a year if he put cake on my face. I told our venue people ahead of time that we were to get a small piece of each flavor (the wedding cake had 2 flavors, then there was the groom's cake) and we loved getting to eat our cake!

  2. Those cakes look gorgeous! I'm still trying to decide if I want to do a groom's cake or not. Now I'm hungry! argh!

  3. Ooooh I love the idea of chocolate covered strawberries!!!!! And that you gave them to the kids! How cute!

  4. Forgot to say...your dress is GORGEOUS!!!!

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! And I have to say, I love those "tuxedo strawberries!" Very cool! And as a guy, I have to say, I wouldn't have DREAMED of shoving cake in my wife's face. Just not cool. I've seen it done, and never really understood why a guy would want to do that to the woman that they just wed...

    Thanks for your pics!

  6. I'm a relatively new follower to your blog and I have to say that I love how your photographer really captured both you and your husbands personalities in the pictures. His facial expression when he's feeding you cake is priceless!

  7. @ Mrs. Puma - agreed... how sad would it be to miss out on the CAKE??
    @ Miss Puppy Love - haha... I never had a choice. My husband really wanted his gamecock cake. Ha!
    @ Miss Cuddlefish - thank you!!
    @ Craig - I'm sure your wife is very thankful!!
    @ Jayme - welcome! When I saw that photo for the first time I CRACKED up laughing. It's like I'm three years old and he's doing the choo choo train thing. Ha.

  8. Stopping by from Mingle Monday. I love the cakes! I currently go to school for baking and truly understand the time that goes into them. U and your hubby are adorable.

  9. Hello from Mingle Monday. :)
    I love the photos! The cakes look amazing. Yum!

  10. Love the photos! Stopping by from Mingle Monday... i love cake, so even though so much crazy stuff was going on at our wedding, i made sure to eat a slice. it turned out to be all i got to eat all day! sheesh. lol

    have a good one!

  11. I'm stopping by from Mingle the simplicity of your cake...and that you actually ATE it! I somehow missed out on getting more than just my first bite because it was so cold out so we were rushing through all the "formality" stuff!