Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Have I Never Heard of This Before?!?!?!

Okay. PAUSE the wedding recaps. I have to share something with you. Maybe I'm way behind the curve on this, but have y'all heard of Ebates? If you haven't, listen up - you can get FREE MONEY out of this (Seriously!).

Ebates is a website that lets you get a % of your spending back when you shop just about anywhere online! I honestly though it was all a big scam. But I figured it couldn't hurt to try! So I signed up, and I linked through their website when I bought a couple things on Kohls.com and Half.com, and then they actually sent me a check in the mail!

Anytime I'm buying something online now, I just open another window and go to the Ebates website, and then link to the store I'm buying at through Ebates and make the purchase. Then, Ebates credits a certain % of the sale back to my account! The percentages vary for each store, but it's usually in the 2-10% range.

So far, I've used Ebates for Kohls.com, Half.com, Shutterfly, DSW.com, Ebay, and OldNavy.com. And miraculously, those little percentages ADD UP! If you're a student and you buy your textbooks from Half.com like me, you will get SO much money back. If you like to do some of your Christmas shopping online like me, you can get money back for that too! It's super easy.

Wanna sign up? Here's the link!

Disclaimer: I'm not being paid by Ebates to write this or anything. I just really love that I'm getting money back on my online purchases, and I wanted to share the knowledge! I do get some perks I think from Ebates if certain numbers of people sign up using my link (above), but I would be sharing this even if I didn't... I'm not one of those people who sends out any sort of "tell-a-friend" things usually. But if you do decide to sign up (and you should if you ever shop online!), I'd be super-happy if you used my link! If 20 people sign up with the link I can get $200 I think, which I would TOTALLY use to do some giveaways on the blog. :o)


  1. OH! I totally just signed up!! I'm so excited!! I need something to further my online shopping addiction. I wonder if I can get cash back for JCrew and Anthropologie?

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love your wedding pictures they are beautiful!!