Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Recap!

Now that we've reached a stopping point in the wedding recaps (in between the ceremony and reception), I thought I'd pause to do a few posts on our current life. :) Recaps will resume shortly!

First of all, Halloween! What a fun weekend! On the 31st, we head out to the suburbs to spend the evening with my family. Karoline dressed up as a "diva cowgirl," and I got to play make-up artist for her. :)

Since she's sort of like an only child now that my other sister and I are out of the house, my parents make an effort to make sure she gets to hang out with friends a lot. This is Miranda, one of Karoline's best friends. She was a scary vampire!

Too cute!

My creative mom decided to be Flo from the Progressive commercials. She ran around all night going "Is your name Katie? Discount!!!" (and other such questions...). She even told my dog to "do your thing!" Isn't my mom clever?

Jeff and I went as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Except Jeff procrastinated buying any sort of costume, so when we finally went to Party City on the 30th all we could come up with was a bear nose and a Kiss rocker wig. It ended up working out pretty well though I think!

My dad was a magician, complete with top hat and black cape!

Jeff and I took the girls out trick-or-treating for a while, then we came home and took over candy duty while my parents went out. It was a fun night, and I got to hand out candy even though I live in an apartment without trick-or-treaters. :) There were some adorable little kids... my favorite was a teeny tiny boy in a giant Sponge Bob costume. That thing was like three times his size. I wanted to take a picture, but that would have been creepy, right?

What were you for Halloween?

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