Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gig 'em Ags!

Last weekend we finally made it to College Station for a game day in Aggieland (and what a WONDERFUL game it was!). My sorority's Alumni Tailgate was on Saturday, so we drove up to see everyone. It was a perfect day... sunny, 80 degrees, blue skies.... I think when I get to heaven it will be like College Station, TX.

Gig 'em Ags!

Apparently being married makes you some sort of celebrity. They made all the old married folks take a picture.

This is my friend Katie. She's cool because she has the same name as me. She proposed to her boyfriend no less than three times while we there. I think he better get his act together and get a ring on that finger pronto. :o)

Best friends!

Five generations of presidents!

We left the tailgate with free t-shirts and goodie bags of candy, and walked over to Kyle Field!

Kyle Field! Whoop!

Remember BM Amy? I got to see her. She's my favorite. 

We stopped by another tailgate to say hello to my friend Jessica. She's in optometry school. She says she has 2-4 tests each week. Maybe law school isn't so bad after all?

And to top it all off, the Ags pulled off a win against #8 Oklahoma, which resulted in Texas A&M actually making the BCS rankings this week! So proud of my Aggies!!! 


  1. Aww, fun! We haven't been back to my alma mater for a football game this season (because we're, uh, struggling) but we'll DEFINITELY be going to a basketball game or two! Go Hawks! :)

    And my cousin's in optometry school and it's crazy. She's just about done, though!

  2. Umm, that was an amazing game! Y'all must be getting pretty excited about the big A&M vs. UT showdown!