Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Wish List!

With my law school finals lasting until December 17th, I've been trying to get a lot of Christmas shopping done before the frenzy of studying takes over my life. And of course, I had to come up with some Christmas ideas for myself too. :)

I always try to make my Christmas List way bigger than it needs to be... that way I still get surprised when I open presents. Hopefully this will give you a few ideas for your own Christmas list!

When Harry Met Sally


Back when Jeff and I were just best friends, my boyfriend at the time told me my relationship with Jeff was like When Harry Met Sally. I've never seen the movie, so all these years I've been wondering what exactly he meant. I'd like to find out. Plus I love Meg Ryan. A lot.

Grey's Anatomy Season 6

I've been a devoted Grey's viewer since the beginning, so I of course need the next DVD to sit next to 1-5!

The Romantics

This book was recommended to me by a few different people, so I decided I need to read it! This will (hopefully!) be my "fun reading" over Christmas break before I start school again!

I Spy Halloween and I Spy Christmas

I just want these to sit on the coffee table during the holidays.

Vera Bradley "Let's do Lunch" Bag in Make Me Blush

I think this would brighten my day on weekdays around noon. :) Plus it would match my duffel bag and my makeup bag!

Westin White Tea Aloe Lotion

I used this at a Westin hotel once and I cannot get enough of it! Highly recommended!

Hobnail Milk Glass

I've been saying for a while that I'd love to collect hobnail milk glass pieces. BM Kristen gave me a few cute vases as a wedding present, so now I'm looking to make my little collection grow!

This Necklace (or something similar)

I've been wishing lately that I had some sort of dangly gold charm necklace. This one looks good to me!

Friends Seasons 3 and Up

My sister gave me Seasons 1 and 2 last year, so it would be cool to get a few more!

Penguin Hardcover Classics

I saw these somewhere on Weddingbee last year, and I've wanted them ever since. These would look SO GREAT on our bookshelves in the guest room. At the top of my list: Little Women, Sense and Sensibility, and Great Expectations.

Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray

We've started to collect the classic Disney movies as they come out on Blu-ray. Jeff and I both grew up on Disney movies, so it's a collection we're looking forward to one day sharing with our kids.

Victoria's Secret Flannel Pajamas

Don't these just look so comfy?!?! I want some. Any color will do!

Target's Merona Essential Cardigans

I love cardigans. I could never have too many. And there are so many cute ones right now!

Ikea's Svalka Champagne Flutes


I have this grand idea in my head of having a New Year's party at our apartment. These champagne flutes would be perfect! And at jut $4.99 for six, it wouldn't even matter if one or two breaks!

Pier 1 Decor Items

Mini Reactive Vases

Book Boxes

Carved Wood Frames
(all from

I've been dying to get some cute little decor items to put on the shelves of our entertainment center. Currently one shelf is full of Jeff's old baseball memorabilia, and two shelves are empty. But it seems silly to spend money on things that will just sit on shelves, so I haven't done it. But I'd love these little items!!