Monday, October 18, 2010

What we've been up to...

Life is so, so busy! My goodness!

I spend approximately 72% of my waking hours reading/studying for law school, but lately I've managed to cram a ton of stuff into that other 28%! Here's what we've been up to...

Two weekends ago we took a trip to good old Columbia, South Carolina to visit Jeff's alma mater for the South Carolina v. Alabama football game. We got to hang out with Jeff's little brothers (students at USC) and parents (also came up for the game), and spend some quality time with Thomas, who was Jeff's best man at our wedding.

With Jeff's family
(photo by Dan Haas)

Me with Thomas

In front of the stadium

ESPN's College Gameday was on campus, so we spent some time there as well.

Look at all those Gamecock fans!

We spent alllll day Saturday tailgating and football-gaming, and left with an exciting outcome: South Carolina beat #1 Alabama! Exciting even if you're not a Gamecock! Plus, Jeff got to direct the marching band for a couple minutes (he was a drum major for the band when he was in college), which was pretty special for him. (three photos below from Dan Haas)

Yep. I got myself a cute little band nerd husband. 

Worried that we're leaving out Texas A&M? Don't fret! I got to take a trip back to Aggieland to recruit at the Law School Fair for my law school! I was able to see three of my bridesmaids, my cousin, and some other friends, and it was great to be on campus again and see all the changes.

Military Walk - recently redone and BEAUTIUL! Aggie alumni... you've got to go see this!

More Military Walk...

And here's the YMCA Building, home to the first-ever Texas Aggie Yell Practice. 
Considering the amount of asbestos and mold and other unmentionables that have been found here, this building really should be torn down. But it's got so much historical significance that instead it's being totally torn apart and gutted and renovated. CAN'T WAIT to see this done!

We're headed back to A&M in a couple of weeks for my sorority's alumni tailgate... should be fun!

We finally saw the facebook movie! We saw it for free actually, plus free dinner at Movie Tavern! Jeff happens to work for a company that likes to pay for us to do fun things now and then, which works out quite nicely. :) I would definitely recommend marrying an engineer. It comes with benefits.

My thoughts: 
(1) I feel really sorry for real-life Mark Zuckerberg. The movie, which is admittedly not too worried about telling a true story, portrays him as a real jerkface. And I'm pretty sure he's not that mean in real life. Maybe I'm naive, but I just don't think people can be that mean. 

(2) The deposition scenes were hilarious. Really. That was some good screenwriting. Maybe it's the nerdy law student in me, but I found them quite entertaining. 

(3) Isn't it kind of weird for Justin Timberlake to play the Napster inventor guy? You know, because Napster kind of made it way harder for the music industry to be profitable. Shouldn't JT be against that? Then again, I guess he has so much money that he could care less about Napster. Or maybe he wanted to play the Napster guy so he could make him look like a creepy weirdo. Hmm. 

Sooo... what do you guys think?
Is Mark Zuckerberg mean in real life?
Has anybody else ever been to an ESPN College Gameday broadcast?
Anybody else married to a nerdy band kid?
Are you ready for more baking recipes (because I have some coming!!)?


  1. ESPN College Gameday came to KU my freshman year (for basketball) when we played KSUck - It was SO much fun! I was on national television because I was in the 2nd or 3rd row and I was interviewed for the Wichita news!

    I can totally relate to the being busy - I just wrote a weekend recap post and I was exhausted again just thinking about it. I keep saying I'm excited for life to slow down, but I'm just not sure that'll be happening.

  2. Ahhh I so understand! I thought our lives were supposed to get LESS busy when the weddings were over...

    I've got like a million posts in "draft" status and no time to finish them all (hence why this one was like three posts in one). Poor little blog. Haha.

    That's so cool that you were on TV! Someday I'm going to write a post about being on TV. I think almost everyone has been on TV at least once for something random, and I sooo want to hear all the stories. Haha.

  3. Ok, so first of all, I am DYING to see the Facebook movie!! I read the book, which was fab, so I really want to see the movie! I don't know how I feel about MZ. The author says he refused to do interviews with him, so he wrote it from all the other people involved. I really disliked the Napster guy. A side note- I once heard Justin Timberlake say he wasn't opposed to Napster. I'm such a JT fan, I cannot help myself (maybe its the Memphis thing... oh and those curls!)
    And yes, please, more baking recipes!!! I had a major brownie failure this weekend and am in desperate need of inspiration and encouragement!

  4. Ahhh I've been to a few Game Day broadcasts (I did two degrees at Ohio State..Game Day was there several times!). Plus, I used to have a friend who lived near Herbie (totally have a crush on him). I was happy to see SC take down Alabama, but not happy that my Buckeyes went down this week.

    I really really REALLY want to see the FB movie. Everyone is talking about it!