Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wedding Week: Wednesday!

Guess what? There's a disc of all the files from our wedding photos. And it's in the mail on its way to me! So the time has finally come for WEDDING RECAPS!

I thought about re-capping the entire week before the wedding (you know, starting 7 days before), but I think it will be better for everyone if we just skip through those first few days. I spent most of May and June 2010 obsessing over getting wedding things done, and by the time we made it to the actual week of the wedding in July there just wasn't much left to do. My bridesmaids were so sweet and kept offering to help with wedding things, but my to-do list was virtually gone, which was weird.

I know everyone says to try and get stuff done early and avoid a pre-wedding frenzy, but I'm going to go ahead and say the opposite -- if you're a Type-A, first-born, meticulous list-maker like me, don't overdo it. You'll be bored and spend days just wishing you had a fast-forward button.

So yeah. Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday just drug on and on and on and on. But then on Wednesday afternoon, BM Amy arrived!! Our house was getting quite full (my grandparents were already there, and my sisters and I were all at home), and we assembled a team around my parents' dining room table to finish our last wedding project, the programs. Photos of those later. :)

And then Wednesday night we did something I would totally recommend to any bride. The entire bridal party + significant others met at Taco Milagro for dinner.

With my sisters and BM Amy, headed out for the first wedding week event!

It was so great for my bridesmaids to meet Jeff's groomsmen. Our wedding party was mostly college friends, and since we didn't go to the same college they didn't know each other at all. But everyone kind of befriended everyone else at that informal dinner, and it made the next few days really fun. They had a great time with each other at the rehearsal dinner and wedding, and now they all keep in touch on Facebook. Go figure.

The whole wedding party! Plus a few significant others. :)

If you want your wedding party to be friends, get them together in normal clothes, at a normal location, and spend some time just laughing and hanging out. Meeting your groomsman partner at the wedding rehearsal when you're about the practice walking down the aisle makes you forget his name. Meeting him at a Mexican restaurant over margaritas makes you dance with him later. :o)

Up next, nail salon appointments and a slightly-different bachelorette party!


  1. Love the pictures! It looks like it was a fun time!

  2. I totally agree with you - For some people (ahem, me) it was just easier and better to put some things off until our wedding week. It made the week fly by, and I had the help of my bridesmaids and MOH who were in town!

    Also, love that you guys all went to dinner! Our bridal party all knew each other because it was our siblings and high school friends mainly and we went to high school together. But a dinner together is still so fun!

    Can't wait for your recaps!