Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wedding Week: Thursday

After the wedding party get-together on Wednesday night, I was getting pretty excited. With less than 48 hours until my wedding day, I was happy and anxious and nervous and ecstatic and bored all at the same time. Weird feeling. :)

Thursday morning I went to the nail salon with BM Amy and my two sisters. It was so relaxing to just sit and get a manicure and pedicure (only the second pedicure I've ever had in my life! Can you believe it? There's a good reason... maybe someday I'll tell you).

With MOHsister Kristen :)

BM Amy with BMsister Karoline

After a relaxing morning, we headed back to my parents' house and filled the candy buffet jars! For some reason that was hugely exciting for me. Maybe because I'd been waiting to do it for oh, 8 months or so!

Yay candy buffet! All ready to go!
(PS - this picture makes me wish I hadn't cut my hair so short! Sigh.)

With our jars filled and our nails painted, we were ready for the wedding! But first we had a bachelorette party to attend! My two little sisters and one of my bridesmaids weren't 21 yet, so we had to get a little creative with our plans for the evening. It actually worked out really well because I'm not really a go-out-and-drink-and-party sort of person anyway.

Going out for the night!

My bachelorette party ended up being a giant conglomeration of all my favorite things. Mexican food, margaritas, chocolate, and my favorite people in the whole wide world! We started off the night at Cafe Adobe, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Houston. [[Sidenote: I once saw the wife from TLC's The Little Couple at Cafe Adobe. I was so, so excited.]]

Me and all my bridesmaids!!

After fajitas and quesadillas and margaritas, we hopped into a couple of cars for our next stop, The Chocolate Bar! The Chocolate Bar isn't actually a "bar" per se (hence why I took my ten-year-old sister there).

"Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!"

The Chocolate Bar sells chocolate everything. Ice cream. Cakes. Cookies. Chocolate bars. Chocolate candies shaped like anything and everything. We got two different ice creams and three slices of cake to split. And they were absolutely delicious. Yummm.

So in the end, we did go to a bar! A chocolate bar! We left and headed back to my parents' house, where we were having a bridesmaid sleepover! The girls all stayed with me Thursday night and Friday night. Two of the most fun days of my life.

Anyway, when we got back to my house there was an impromptu party going on. All four of my mom's brothers had made it to Houston for the wedding, and decided to come over with their wives and plethora of children. We walked in the back door, and there was music playing, and one of my uncles handed us glasses of sangria, and we just had such a great time. My family is a bunch of party people. :)

That night I gave the girls their bridesmaid gifts, and we proceeded to take a bunch of photos in our matching robes. :)

Up next... bridal luncheon!!


  1. I definately like your version of a bachelorette party much better than the traditional kind.

    Chocolate and mexican food or dirty strippers?! Chocolate and mexican food any day! :)

  2. Aw, love this post! This made me think back to the days before my own wedding...such a special time! :)

  3. Hey from Mingle Monday! Congratulations on your wedding. You looked beautiful.

  4. How cute! Sounds like a fun night. I totally get you about the candy bar--I didn't do one, but I did give my flower girl and junior bridesmaid really cute bags of candy as gifts, and I was freakishly excited to finally make them the Thursday before the wedding. Also, that is so exciting about the Little Couple! I love them. Can't wait to see more of your wedding recaps!