Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Week - Thursday (Bonus Post - Bachelor Party!)

I have some pictures from Jeff's best man (who happens to be so awesome that he took a bunch of photos for the wedding events, and then burned them to a DVD for us before he left Houston!), and I thought I'd share with you a glimpse of Jeff's bachelor party. I mean, how often do you read about Bachelor parties on wedding blogs, right?!

I obviously wasn't there, but I've heard all about it, and just like my bachelorette party, it wasn't really your everyday generic bachelor party! Jeff also had a couple under-21 groomsmen, so they had to be creative as well...they started the night off with Bingo. Yep, Bingo!

This is SPJST Lodge Bingo. It's intense. And it's so, so fun. It's quickly becoming the place to be on Thursday nights in Houston. $5 for a night full of Bingo, giant cash prizes, $2.25 burgers, and $6 pitchers. 

Those giant markers are called "Dobbers." Technical term. :)

See? Intense Bingo!

No one won, so they were sad. But they did get the caller to announce Jeff's bachelor party!

Next the guys went to Dave & Busters, and a fun time was had by all!


He always concentrates like this when playing any sort of game. Haha.


They actually won a ton of tickets, and ended up getting a bunch of prizes. Jeff came home with a flash drive, a D&B glass, and a fancy wooden poker set. 

Jeff and I are both the oldest of three kids, and our little siblings are really important to us. I wanted my sisters at my bachelorette party, and Jeff wanted his brothers at his night out. So we did what worked for us, and we had a blast! 

Up next (for real this time)... the bridal luncheon!

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  1. I love these pictures! Sounds like they had a great time...Can't wait to see pics from the bridal luncheon :)