Saturday, October 23, 2010

Travel Plans... Please Help!

The one and only benefit of being a law student rather than having a real job is Spring Break. Next March, I get one whole blissful week off, without having to take vacation days or decrease my pay hours or anything. Lovely!

So Jeff (who does have to take vacation days, but loves his job nonetheless) and I are trying to figure out somewhere to go for a quick Spring Break vacation. We'd like to stay within the Continental US (for cheap and short plane flights), and we'll probably go for four or five days in March 2011. I have a few different ideas that I'd like to share with you all... if you've been to any of these places let me know what you did, how you liked it, etc.! And if you have any better ideas, I'm all ears!

1. Napa Valley - Anyone know what the weather is like in northern CA in March? Will it be cold? Jeff loves this idea, but I can't seem to shake the thought that I'm just not old enough and mature enough for a "wine tasting" trip. Haha.

2. Niagara Falls - I've been there once and LOVED it. I've always wanted to take Jeff there with me. The only problem is that I think it will still be quite cold in March, and I'm afraid some of the tours and stuff won't be open.

3. Washington DC - I've never done a DC sightseeing trip (well I have, but I was only 2 and I don't remember it AT ALL!). But it might be cold there in March as well...

4. Grand Canyon/Sedona - This is probably my top choice right now. I feel like the Grand Canyon is just one of those things you have to see!

5. Williamsburg, VA - For my whole, entire life I've wanted to go to colonial Williamsburg (I know, I know... nerdy much?). My worry with Williamsburg is that we might not have enough things to do for 4-5 days... is that a valid concern? What is there to do in VA other than colonial Williamsburg?

6. Las Vegas - I always said I'd go there after I turned 21, and I still haven't been. Jeff's never been either. Everyone I know who's been to Vegas had an absolute blast, but would it be awful for someone like me who doesn't drink a whole lot and dislikes wasting money?

So those are all of my options right now... anyone have better ideas? We've already been to New York, so that's out. Has anyone been to these places? Thoughts?


  1. wow that's a lot of good options :) My vote is DC - I've never been but there would be a ton to do and see & the weather would be hopefully pretty temperate (could you combine that with Williamsburg? -- I don't know how far they are from each other though).

    Napa would be amazing too - so pretty & wine tastings! We have a TON of clients that we do weather for that fly into Napa in spring. Usually the rainy season is Jan/Feb but it's kind of hit or miss in March with the temps..sometimes cold/sometimes hot..but usually sunny.

  2. dc and williamsburg are a great combo. we did a 2 day trip to williamsburg and 3 days in dc. You can never have enough time in dc.

  3. i've never been to napa but it looks beautiful! one of my friends and her boyfriend went there for a week this past summer and had a blast.

    i've been to dc/williamsburg a few times - i was born in that area - its so so pretty in march. you probably couldn't spend the whole time in williamsburg but the combo with that and dc would be fun - i think they're about 3 hours(ish) apart. and dc has a million things to do.

    i have the same fear as you about vegas haha - last time i was in vegas i was only 18 so i didnt quite get the whole vegas experience but virtually everyone i know absolutely loves it

  4. i'm partial but as i live in san francisco, i vote for napa. keep in mind our rainy season is november-march but starts to get better towards march... but may still be foggy. it's totally a gamble because it will be 70 one day and 55 the rest of them (hence, as an east coast girl, i miss my hot summers and real seasons, haha).
    BUT - no matter the weather, napa is amazing. i actually prefer napa on a cloudy overcast day, it's so cozy up there in the winerys and the smell of the area is amazing - it's like eucalyptus and grapes and just such an amazing place. now one other thing to keep in mind though, is that at this point the leaves may just be starting to come back on the vines, but it might be bare. which is fine, but if you want to see the pretty vines full of green, you might not get it then. but that's nothing a nice glass of wine won't fix :)

    if you need any travel tips if you DO decide to come out this way, feel free to contact me!

  5. i vote for washington dc and colonial willaimsburg! march is when the cherry blossoms bloom, which makes the whole area amazingly beautiful. plus, all the attractions in dc are free - definitely a bonus.

  6. i vote for grand canyon and vegas:)
    vegas is super super fun and i wasn't even 21 when i went.. so i'm sure since both of you are 21 it'll be funner!
    grand canyon is also really fun i loved it!
    i went to both of those places different years for christmas so i was there for about the same length that you're planning on going so there's plenty of time to do everything:)

  7. Katie,

    If you go to Virginia, you can also go to old town's amazing! You might have time for a side trip to Baltimore to see the Aquarium, the house where they made the original star spangled banner and all sorts of other things!

    You could also always go to Disney World ;) <3

  8. ahh thanks so much everybody! I think we're going to save northern California for a time when the weather will be prettier...

    I think we're leaning toward DC/virginia... BUT Jeff's parents just offered to let us use one of their timeshare weeks, so it will depend which timeshare locations are available! I'm hoping that between the timeshare and some leftover Continental credits we can make it a fairly low-budget trip!

    @McKenna - I LOVE disneyworld. I suggested that to Jeff actually. But we've both already been there a lot, so I think we're going to try and be adventurous and see new things. Haha.