Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One last cute little Fall decor item...

So I finished my Fall decorating a while ago. But then I made the mistake of browsing on Etsy.com, and I saw something I just couldn't resist:

from Etsy seller tagteamtompkins

It's Shakespeare. It's letterpress. It's Halloween. Macbeth meets holiday decor. So, so, so perfect for an English major like me. So into the cart it went, and a mere two days later it arrived in my mailbox. And now it's hanging on my wall!

I put it in a plain black frame, and then added the orange grosgrain ribbon.

Simple bow: just make the two side loops and staple, and then add another piece of ribbon around the middle!

The edges are held onto the back of the frame with Scotch tape. Later I'll be able to just pull off the ribbons and use the frame again for something else!

And now the Fall decorating is finished. :)

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