Friday, October 29, 2010

Guest List Stats

When I was engaged I always found blog posts like this extremely helpful, so I figured I'd do one of my own now that the wedding is all said and done!

{NOTE: These numbers are the numbers that we had 1 week prior to the wedding, when we paid the final chunk of the Reception bill. We did have 6 people (included in these numbers) who had RSVPed yes but didn't actually come to the wedding - all for good reasons; hospitals and stuff!}

Total # Invited Guests: 205
(There were also 13 more invites that went to elderly family member who we knew would not be able to travel to Houston. These are not included in the numbers.)
Total # Attending Guests: 154 (75%)

Children: 20 invited, 17 attended (85%)
Adults: 185 invited, 137 attended (74%)

Out of Town Guests: 164 invited, 105 attended (64%)
Houston Guests: 54 invited, 49 attended (91%)

At the RSVP deadline there were around 15-20 RSVPs we were missing (around 30 guests unaccounted for). Most of them ended up being no's.


  1. This is awesome! We didn't have any charts or anything, but we figured around 75% of our guests would show up and we were right!

  2. Yeah, the 75% trend applied to our wedding too, when you subtract the people that were invited but you knew couldn't possibly attend.

    Goodness gracious, you guys had so many out-of-town guests!