Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two PERFECT Dessert Recipes!

Okay, I apologize in advance for this post. I'm going to give you two recipes that you're going to really want to make, and neither of them are in any way good for you. Except for maybe in the "Mmmm, I'm filling myself with sugar and it feels good!" way.

I made these with my 10-year-old sister while she was spending the night with us a couple weekends ago. I needed some desserts to take to some dinners with my parents and Jeff's parents, and both of these recipes were huge successes!

Best part about baking: Vintage aprons!!!

First, Oatmeal Fudge Bars. I found this recipe over at Natalie's Killer Cuisine. <-- Clickity click to see the recipe! These were so delicious... sweet and chewy and just the tiniest bit of crunch and cinnamon-yumminess on top. If you make this, make sure you use the lowest heat setting on your stove to melt the chocolate (especially if you have Calphalon pans like me). Burnt chocolate will ruin a dessert!

Next up, Cream Cheese Layered Brownies. This recipe was from What Megan's Making. <-- Clickity click for the recipe! These are my new go-to brownies. You know how you always seem to need brownies/cookies/some dessert to take over to someone's house for dinner? These are perfect for that. Tip on this one: Make sure you really let the layers cool in between. We went ahead and used the cooling time to run to Kroger for more cream cheese. I kept these in my fridge and ate teeny tiny bites to make them last longer. :)

I know I have at least a few readers who are amateur/avid/aspiring bakers, so have fun with these recipes! Let me know if you try one of them!


  1. YUM!!! I can't wait to try both of these! I am definitely an aspiring baker and am always looking for new recipes! Can't wait to try them!

  2. Those both look SO good! I plan on making my pumpkin 'pilgrim pies' (like whoopie pies) soon and will most definitely be posting the recipe - One of my very favorites for fall!

  3. Yay, thank you so much for including my recipe! And I'm so glad you liked them. They're dangerous aren't they?? :)

  4. Oh boy...I think I'll have to give those a try. :)

  5. i hate you slash love you for this. yum :)