Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Home Daydreams

Even though we're just now starting to feel like our apartment is totally settled and decorated sufficiently (speaking of which, I totally need to show y'all the Ikea guest room!), I'm already daydreaming about all the rooms I'll design when we buy a house in 3-5 years.

So far, I know that I want need a pink and black laundry room. You know... something totally Franco-chic and adorable. I think it would make me more willing to do the laundry without complaining.

Like this... but a laundry room instead of a nursery. Haha.

Also, there will hopefully be stripes. Somewhere, somehow. I'm totally hoping for a house with untextured walls to make painting things like stripes easier.

This next one's a little less likely, but also, I want a library. Someday. Ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast for the first time as a kid, I've wanted a library. 

The Beauty and the Beast library. Sigh.

Also I want it to have one of those sliding library ladders.

Also I want a little desk area. Currently our desk/computer area is inside the guest bedroom closet. I'd LOVE to pull the desk out of the closet and put it somewhere with letters like this above it:

So cute! 

Summary: If you're a homeowner, PLEASE paint your laundry room light pink. Just do it.

What's your dream home idea? 

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