Friday, August 27, 2010

"Ya Mon!" - Our Jamaica Honeymoon (The Overview)

So I have a few more DIY projects to share with you, but I'd really like to wait for the pro photos so I can show you the good pictures (as opposed to the hastily snapped point-n-shoot ones I took in the days before the wedding). Expect a "details" post when I get around to the wedding recaps. :)

Sooo... that brings us to our honeymoon! This will be an overview post, and then I'll go into some more details in the next post or two for those of you who want more info on the restaurants/rooms/activities/etc. at Sandals Negril.

We left the morning after the wedding for a 6-night/7-day trip to Sandals Negril in Negril, Jamaica. Our super-early flight required us to wake up at 6:00am, which was beyond brutal, but we made it to the airport on time and everything!

We went through security, grabbed some breakfast tacos (the Houston airport kind of rocks with Mexican breakfast foods), and settled down at the gate. And THEN... the gate agent mentioned that our flight was overbooked and she was looking for volunteers to take a connecting flight through Miami in exchange for $400 travel vouchers. Um, hello. We fly a lot and love travel vouchers. So we ended up being the crazy people who gave up their honeymoon direct flight for $800, and we got on a plane for Miami a couple hours later (I should mention that picked Jamaica largely because it was one of the few places we could get to without a layover. Ironic much?).

Continental treated us well... meal tickets, travel vouchers, and an upgrade to first class!!

Finally on the plane, looking awfully sleepy. We partied hard the night before. :)

Look how nice first class is! They even gave us warm moist towels pre-lunch. It was seriously fancy.

We arrived at the Montego Bay airport, then took an hour-long bus ride to Sandals Negril, our home for the next week! Upon our arrival, we were greeted with champagne and introduced to our butler, Basil. Let me tell you... having a butler ROCKS. More on that later.

Since the resort was all-inclusive and all, we pretty much did the exact same thing every day. Rather than boring you with the minor details, I'm going to just walk you through a typical day in Jamaica. Ready?

Around 10am we would wake up and head off to breakfast. Mmm pineapple pancakes.

After breakfast, we'd head over to the beach, find our cabana, get the butler to bring us some drinks, and chill and chat and read from about 11am to 1pm.

Hello cute shady palm hut cabana!

Gorgeous view. Absolutely gorgeous.

We did a lot of sitting on the beach and reading.

Then we'd head off to lunch, usually the buffet or the beach grill.

Jamaican jerk chicken! Mmmm!

After lunch we'd head back to the beach, and some days we'd go snorkeling/kayaking/etc. About half the days we got a quick rain shower in the afternoon, but we would just sit under our cabana and watch the rain. It was lovely.

Around 4:30 we'd grab one last round of drinks and head back to our suite to shower. Then I'd get all fancy for dinner and Jeff would mix up a drink and watch TV. 

We'd leave around 6:30 and stop and have a drink before dinner.

All pretty for dinner!

All of the restaurants at Sandals Negril are really close to the beach, so we saw beautiful sunsets every day at dinner.

Usually there was some sort of entertainment going on after dinner (beach party, couples game show, Jamaican song & dance production, etc.).

Look! Bob Marley! Haha.

Then we'd head back to our suite, where we were greeted with champagne in an ice bucket and a decorated bed (usually with more desserts!).

And then, we would go to sleep, and wake up and do it all over again. Total bliss.

I'm curious... if you were on your honeymoon, and Continental offered you $800 to swap your direct flight for a connecting one that got you there three hours later, would you take it? 

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