Monday, August 30, 2010

My Post-Wedding Chop!

I grew my hair out for the wedding because I wanted it curled and down and I wanted it to look flowy and pretty under my birdcage veil. I spent a couple weeks shy of a year* growing out my hair, with just one tiny trim in May 2009 right before graduation because the split ends were killing me.

[[*Yes, we were only engaged for 8 months. But ladies, you know when these things are coming, and you have to prepare your hair!!]]

See? Curly, flowy, long hair goodness!

Anyway, by the time we made it to Jamaica I was so, so ready to chop it all off. And by the time we got home from Jamaica after a week of sitting in the hot sun with a head full of way-too-much-hair and blow-drying and straightening it every night for dinner, I was beyond ready. I needed a haircut. 

I should mention that I'm afraid of haircuts, that I often worry so much that I make myself sick before I get one, and that I more often than not ask for "just a trim" to avoid the potential disasters that might arise from big changes. So what I'm about to show you is a BIG DEAL.

Haha. Don't I look anxious and sick and worried?

So long!!!


He cut off seven inches. SEVEN INCHES. I missed my hair for a day or two, but then I started to enjoy the extra time I have in the morning without all that hair to straighten, and I decided I like it. It feels so good to finally have an actual style with layers and all again. I still use way too much shampoo when I wash my hair though. Old habits die hard. 

What do you think? 


  1. It looks SO good! I look awful with short hair and I'm absolutely terrified of cutting it after I did that 2 summers ago and it took SO long to grow back out. I wish I could pull off that look, though!

  2. You look so pretty with your new haircut!!!!

  3. Ahhhhhh I love your new hair style!!!!!!! Also, I cannot WAIT to see your beautiful face!!! Only a few more weeks!!!!

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