Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Look What I Made!" - Table Number Edition

At some point during our engagement I came up with the idea that our table numbers should have pictures of Jeff and me at those ages (i.e. Pictures at age two for Table #2, etc.). So I went on a crusade in my dad's closet to find photos of me at ages 1-16, and I asked Jeff's mom to do the same for his pictures. Then there was a lot of scanning and emailing and printing and cutting and pasting and... you get the idea, right?

In the end, here's what we ended up with (click the photos to enlarge them...there are some priceless pictures in there!):

Each one had me on one side and Jeff on the other, and Raveneaux set them up on those little silver table number stands. As always, I used my favorite font, Digs my Hart. At the wedding people were walking around to all the tables to see them all, which was cute. Any suggestions for what I should do with these now that the wedding is over?

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