Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Look What I Made!" - Bridesmaid Hanger Edition


Here's another post I scheduled to go up post-wedding. I'm originally writing this on Monday night, just 5 days from the wedding! I wanted this to be a little surprise for the bridesmaids, so I'm not posting it live on the blog, and I'm scheduling it for after the wedding. You guys needed something to read while I'm in Jamaica anyway, right?

This post is about.... cute dress hangers!!

All this takes is a pack of white hangers from Ikea, some ribbon, and some cardstock!

I made the name squares with PowerPoint and my inkjet printer, and my favorite font!! I trimmed with with my Fiskars paper trimmer, adhesive-rollered them onto maroon cardstock, and then backed that with navy cardstock.

The next step should ideally be done with a hole puncher, but I was feeling lazy, and I had a little screwdriver sitting right next to me, so I just stabbed them with that:

I poked two holes next to each other above the name, and then threaded the ribbon through those holes and around the hanger:

I'm going to give the Bridesmaids these when they get to my house Thursday night (we're having a couple days of slumber parties before the wedding!) so they can keep their bridesmaid dresses on them!

Mine has an ivory bow... you know, since I'm the bride and stuff. :o)

When the bridesmaids first get to my house on Thursday, they'll get:
1. Their hangers
2. The bridesmaid mix CD my sister is putting together (each girl submitted 2-3 songs that make them happy, and they'll make up a wedding weekend jam CD)
3. A packet of contact info, timelines, etc. for the wedding weekend.

I'm counting down the hours until they're all here... I CAN'T WAIT. I think I probably won't see my groom much the few days before the wedding, but I'll be having a blast with my girls!!!

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