Monday, August 23, 2010

"Look What I Made!" - Bouquet Charm Edition

So I've started law school, and let me tell you... it's tough! So many cases to read! But it's still better than a real job because if I get really sick of it, I can write a blog while I'm "at work!"

Today I have a last-minute mini project to share with you. While browsing through HobLob the week before the wedding (because how can you go to Hobby Lobby and not take a look at the clearance aisle?!?!) I found some little frame charms, and a little while later I had....

...personalized bouquet charms for my bridesmaids!!

I just printed out teeny tiny pictures (me w/ each of my bridesmaids) with my parents' fancy photo printer, popped 'em in the teeny tiny frames, and admired the cuteness! Take a look:

Here's one with a Sharpie for a size reference:

My mom dropped them off with my florist for me, and she put them on the bouquets. Check it out:

(clickity click to zoom in!)
(Photo from BM Amy)

My bridesmaids liked them I think. Especially since I spent the whole day before the wedding telling them there was a bouquet surprise. Haha. They were a teensy tiny detail, but I loved them!


  1. Love them! I made mine coordinating ones with their initials but I sell that kind in my etsy shop! :)

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