Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gifts for my Bridesmaids!

[[ By the time you read this, I'll be lounging on a beach in Jamaica with my brand new HUSBAND! This post was originally written weeks before the wedding, but I'm post-dating it so the surprise doesn't get ruined for any of my wonderful bridesmaids! ]]

I wanted to give my bridesmaids gifts that were thoughtful and useful, so I came up with a three-part gift that the ladies will (hopefully!) love.

Part One: The Wedding Day Jewelry

I knew I wanted to give them matching jewelry for the wedding, especially since their dresses aren't matchy-matchy. Since each dress has a different neckline, I decided to skip necklaces, but I gave them these earrings:

Hopefully they can get some wear out of them post-wedding as well!

For my BMsister Karoline, whose ears aren't pierced:

Part Two: The Robes

Monogrammed items are the go-to bridal party gift. A lot of brides do tote bags, but who doesn't have a million tote bags sitting in their closet unused? I thought about makeup bags, but I think girls are pretty particular about size, color, etc. for that sort of thing. Then one day I was thinking about "Getting Ready" photos, and it hit me: Monogrammed Robes!

I found some great monogrammed robe options on Etsy and elsewhere online, but all of them seemed to use the same One-Size-Fits-All robe (described as "generously sized"). Some of my bridesmaids are quite little, and I sooo didn't want them to be drowning in giant robes. So I found these Adonna robes from JCPenney - they come in Small, Medium, and Large, and they are soooo soft!

I ordered the girls' robes in an Aqua color, and one in white for Me! When they came in the mail I picked up some iron-on embroidered letters from Hobby Lobby, and I monogrammed each robe.


This one's mine!

We'll all wear them while we do Hair & Makeup at my parents' house...hopefully it makes for some cute pictures! 

Part Three - The Bath Stuff!

I wanted to make absolutely sure that the girls got something in their gift that they could use. I mean...what if they don't like the earrings and the robe doesn't fit right? Or something crazy like that?

So I bought each girl Creamy Body Wash and Hand Lotion from Bath and Body Works in Japanese Cherry Blossom. LOVE this scent!

I'm also including a fairly long note to each bridesmaid from me saying thank you for being a bridesmaid, and telling them how much they mean to me. Here the gifts are all bagged up and ready to go:

I hope they like them!

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