Thursday, July 15, 2010

You CAN have pretty flowers in July!

When I was first meeting with florists, it seemed like I was constantly bombarded by the words "Oh...we won't be able to get that in late July..." Apparently, flowers don't like to grow when its horribly hot outside. But, I eventually found Tricia from Antique Rose Florist, and she assured me that we could make it work with suppliers from the West Coast, and she was willing to do it for a reasonable price as well!

We recently had a few meetings to discuss actual logistics of centerpieces and bouquets, and to confirm which flowers Tricia will be using. Let me introduce you to the star floral performers for our wedding!

Bridal bouquet, Groom's bout, and parent/grandparent flowers:

Ranunculus, aka the best flower ever. These will be in my bouquet as well as the mother corsages. We'll use them for the father/gfather bouts, and Jeff's bout too.

 Gerbera Daisies - This was my sorority's flower, so it has a special place in my heart. It will also have a special place in my bouquet. 

Lily of the Valley - I just love these tiny things. They're somewhat expensive, so there will only be a few of them, but they'll be in my bouquet somewhere.

 Freesia - My mom had these in her wedding bouquet, and I'll be having them in mine as well. They smell soooo nice!

Varigated pittosporum - This will be the "filler" for my bouquet, Jeff's bout, and anything else with white/ivory flowers. It's a light, sage green with pretty ivory edges.

Bridesmaid Bouquets, Groomsmen bouts, Cake Topper:

Burgundy calla lilies - They'll be in the BM bouquets, and the GMs will have a mini-calla as a bout. I think these are going to pop so nicely against the navy dresses!

Burgundy Gerbera Daisy - Also for the BMs

 Dark Red Dahlia - Also for the bridesmaids...

Bear Grass - See those green loops? That's bear grass. It's going to be the "filler" for the red flowers.

Reception Centerpieces: We're going to have two different centerpieces, one with the white flowers in cobalt blue vases, and one taller one. For the taller centerpiece, Tricia's going to put orchids in a cylindrical vase with water, along with some navy sea glass and blue LED lights. Here are the orchids we're using:

Reader bouts and parent/grandparent flowers:

Blue Delphinium - This will be an accent flower for the reader bouts and parents/gparents.

That's it! Tricia was sweet enough to do some mock-ups for me of the reception centerpieces, and although I have pictures, I think I'm going to keep them to myself for now. Tricia's work is so lovely...I wouldn't want to ruin it for those of you who will be at the wedding! I'm so happy with how the flowers are turning out...I may not get to have peonies, but I think everything will be just beautiful anyway!

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