Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Month Distractions

Now that we're getting so close to the wedding, I tend to think about wedding things nonstop. Whenever I have a spare second my mind drifts to programs and place cards and table assignments. It's exhausting.

Jeff and I are both just so, so ready to be married. There's something about being engaged and planning a wedding that just makes you want to be done with all the wedding nonsense and just be a real married couple already! Our 8-month engagement seemed at first to be challengingly short, but now that we're reaching the end, I'm beyond glad we don't have to wait any longer.

To keep myself from stressing over meaningless wedding things, I've been planning lots of non-wedding-related activities for the month of July. You know, so I don't get totally caught up in wedding-land and become a Bridezilla or something.

The first was a Houston Astros baseball game for my friend Will's 21st birthday.

The Astros actually won this game. Amazing.

Happy birthday, Will!

Fun Fact: Jeff has a serious addiction to diet soda. So this is what happens when we have All-You-Can-Eat tickets. He drank them all. Plus more.

BM Kristen and her fiance at Hooters post-baseball game. 
Btw, did you know Hooters is like the only place you can go to buy alcohol on a Tuesday night with a Louisiana drivers' license? Yep. We didn't know either. Until we tried.

Another fun event was my friend Maria Pia's wedding. How WONDERFUL it was to think about someone else's wedding for a while! Plus, I will forever remember this wedding as the last time I had to participate in the bouquet toss! 

With BM Pilar

It's our turn next!!

As if our lives weren't busy enough already, we've also been spending time on the apartment. Decorating, painting, etc...there's so much to do! Meet our new guest room:

We painted that red wall (Thank you, Behr Paint & Primer!). We bought and assembled (and filled!) the bookcase. And then I spend some quality time throwing red and black decor items all over the room. 

It's a work in progress...as soon as Jeff's brother takes the bed, nightstand, and dresser to college we're going to get this set:

(all images from Ikea.com)

We've also been busy installing spice racks, hanging pictures and wall art, and painting the entire master bedroom. I'll show you more pictures later. :)

So much room for spices!!!

We also went to McDonalds to try out those new smoothies. I just love smoothies, and I wanted to get my hands on one of those Wildberry ones. 

Mmm. I love fruit.

When we drove up, I couldn't believe my luck. Look at this sign:

I mean...I go by Katie technically, but my mom and my granddad and some others call me "Kate," and either way my IDs say "Katherine," so free smoothie for me!

Or at least, I thought I was getting one. Until we ordered three smoothies and were told that the smoothie machine was broken. Broken. Well done McDonalds. So the smoothie quest will have to occur another day. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, so as you can see, I've been busy with plenty of things other than the wedding, and I would totally suggest that other brides do the same. It's so easy to get caught up in little wedding details (especially if you're a wedding-blog-reading-bride!), and a healthy dose of the real world is important in those last few weeks.


  1. So fun! I can't wait to see more pictures of your apartment. I've been working on decorating our house, and it's so fun! I've found all kinds of home decor stuff for 80 and 90% off at Hobby Lobby!

  2. I officially need to stop looking at the IKEA site because I knew that furniture was from there without looking at the source. It all looks gorgeous though!