Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing an RSVP? Check your rain gutters!

So the other day it rained pretty hard here in Houston. As the rain was just about over, my mom walked outside to salvage what was left of our drenched newspaper, and she saw this floating down the street in the water next to the curb:

Poor little RSVP! He's obviously been through a lot. The postmark was a full five days before the day we found it, so the little guy must have been sitting in the street for at least a couple days! Luckily, the disintegrated envelope protected its contents enough to keep the writing legible.  

In related news, we've recorded all of the RSVPs, contacted those whose RSVPs were missing, and sent in our final catering numbers! This wedding is actually happening, people! And to top it off, we came in just a teensy bit under the cutoff for having room for a dance floor, so there will be plenty of space for everyone to have a great time and boogie the night away!

If you're missing some RSVPs, you may want to check your gutters before making a bunch of phone calls. :)

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  1. Ugh, SO frustrating! It literally takes all of about 5 minutes to RSVP - Is that so much to ask?!