Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flower Girl Gifts!

I mentioned before that I'm keeping the bridesmaid gifts a blog-secret until after the wedding. BUT...there's no reason I can't share the flower girl gifts, right? I mean...they're 2 and 4 years old. Surely they don't read the blog.

Flower girl gifts were a little challenging for me. I wanted to get my 2 and 4-year old cousins something they would be excited about (i.e. not a fancy necklace), but I wanted it to be something their mom and dad would be excited about too (i.e., not a giant bag of candy).

First up, the parent-pleaser - a "nice" gift with plenty of usefulness and lots of the cute factor. Enter, the gingham tote bag:

I bought them from the Knot's website (during a sale, and using a coupon code for new customers!). You can pick your font and color for the monogram, but I stuck with what was on the sample picture. These bags are pretty petite, but they're perfect for wee little girls!

I stuffed the bags with all sorts of things little girls love:

Feel free to click the pictures to enlarge!

Each girl's bag contains:
  • A pack of crayons (Crayola, of course. No off-brand yucky crayons here!)
  • A coloring book (Two different ones, so they don't fight over whose is whose. This is very important with small pairs of sisters.)
  • A little stuffed dog. Those girls loooove stuffed animals. (Same brand and such, but different dogs!)
  • A travel-sized Magnadoodle (Again, blue for Sydney and green for Sara. Same but different!)
  • A bag of Goldfish crackers
  • A few tubs of Play-Doh

I hope their gifts will make them smile and keep them from getting bored during the wedding weekend! And hopefully their mommy likes those cute little tote bags!

Here they are all ready to go!

If you were a 2-year old girl, would you like these? I'm pretty sure I would. Actually, I'm a 21-year old girl and I'd like one of these! Haha. I could totally go for some coloring right now. And some Goldfish. 


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