Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Elusive Bracket Frame...

Once upon a time, I stumbled upon a little shape that struck my fancy. It was this curvy frame:

Lovely, right?

Then, I found it again in these adorable invitations...

And then while browsing Martha Stewart templates, I saw it again in the left edge of this picture...

It seemed as though that little shape was following me around, and I was quite smitten. I decided that the whimsical frame needed to be included in my wedding day decor, and I had grand plans for using it with the candy buffet, the guestbook-quilt setup, and the place card display. 

There was just one problem...that cute little frame doesn't exist in Clipart, or in Google Image searches. I found digital scrapbooking images, but nothing that I could really use.

Cute, but it doesn't help me much...

I needed a frame image. So I made one. All it took was a couple of these: {}{}. After four brackets put together via WordArt in PowerPoint and a little fine tuning with a Paint eraser, I had this:

Feel free to right-click-save it!  

So far I've used it for the candy buffet and for the quilt guestbook baskets (which I will blog about soon, promise!).

Have you ever found something you love on the Internet, but had a hard time making it happen in real life?


  1. Love that shape! I even asked Mrs. Cupcake on Twitter where she got it for her programs!

  2. I found your blog about two months ago during my search for real brides in a casablanca dress. Your blog came up in my google search and lo and behold, you were wearing the very dress i was looking at myself. :) Will you contact me? mexicanpizza24@yahoo.com. my name is melissa. :)