Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Hello, blog readers! Did you miss me while I was climbing sand dunes in South Padre Island and chillaxing at my Aunt and Uncle's lakehouse? Yes, I just used the word "chillaxing." Here's a little snapshot of what we've been up to:

MOHsister Kristen, Jeff, and Me at the top of a giant dune near the beach in South Padre

Lake Palestine 2010: Me in my no-wedding-tanlines-strapless-suit and Jeff in his leftover-from-Padre-sunburn

Anyway, now that I've had my summer fun, it's time to get some more wedding things crossed off the to-do list! Next up, dressing the boys for the wedding!

There was never any question about what Jeff and his guys would wear at the wedding. We never considered suits or the trendy pants-vest-combo. From the beginning, everyone was in agreement: TUXEDOS! Of course, despite the fact that we decided on tuxedos early on, we procrastinated actually going to set up the tuxedo rental for a very long time and just got around to it last week.

Let me say this first: Being a boy is easy. We spent less than 30 minutes in Mens Wearhouse. And we were done. Just. like. that. Compare that to the hours upon hours we spent choosing BM dresses and my mom's dress...not to mention the scary amount of hours spent looking for my dress, and wow.

I'm not complaining though! It was nice to have a simple-easy-decision wedding task. We picked out the guys' tux because it was the only lightweight option. 100% wool in July in Texas? Ouch. So we decided to help the guys out a bit and go with the Calvin Klein 2-button Super 100s Tuxedo. Supposedly its breathable and stuff. We'll see.

Snazzy, no?

Next up was shoes. There was only one black, shiny option. So we went with that. Easy peasy.

OMG Shoes!!

Then came the shirts...you have two collar options: the point collar and the wing collar. Wing collar is for bow ties. We don't like bow ties. Point collar wins. We also had to choose ivory or white. And of course, considering the champagne-ivory-ness of my dress, we went with ivory.

Cufflinks. You pick silver or gold. And you pick white or black. Or you just ask your fiance Which one? and he just points to the black and silver one and you move on.

Vests were just as easy. We said "ivory" and the consultant gave me a stack of ivory vests. We picked this one because it's pretty.

The Tuscany Vest in Ivory

See the pretty swirly florally things?

Then I was handed a stack of navy vests for the groomsmen. It turns out Men's Wearhouse is friends with David's Bridal, and there was a "Marine" vest that exactly matches the BM dress color, but it was non-textured and ugly. So we went with another option.

The Rio vest in Navy (and in Black for my dad and Jeff's dad)

We're going with the Euro ties, not the bow ties. And we're adding pocket squares because Jeff likes them. The groomsmen can go get fitted in South Carolina, and they'll pick up all the tuxes a couple days before the wedding. Tuxes are so simple!

Another item checked off the wedding to-do list!

*All photos from Men's Wearhouse

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