Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I took a break from being a bride... be a bridesmaid!!

A couple of weeks ago Jeff and I made a trip to San Antonio for my friend Nicole's wedding. We're both bridesmaids in each others' weddings, and it was so nice to take a break from planning my wedding and just focus on someone else for a while.

Things I Learned From Nicole's Wedding:

1. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (or the Big Stuff) - For a while we didn't know where Nicole's photographer was. During the ceremony the whole bridal party forgot to stand up at the right time. Later we were basically kicked out of the Church right after the ceremony by the wedding coordinator, and after that most of the bridal party wasn't really sure when/where they were supposed to meet back up. Parts of the day were crazy and hectic, but through it all Nicole was just happy to be getting married and (for the most part) calm and collected. So when my day comes along, I'm going to remember to be less like micromanging-Me and more like Nicole.

Case in Point: I photographed Nicole's mom putting on the veil because we didn't know where the real photographer was.

2. Confetti Poppers are So Much Fun - As are ribbon wands. What a great Grand Exit they had! If only more venues allowed confetti.

3. Those Personalized Hershey Kisses are SO CUTE - They just had a bunch of them spread out on a table. I ate a couple.

4. Submerged Orchids are Pretty - Okay so maybe I already thought this...but I've never seen anyone submerge flowers as centerpieces in real life (you know, like non-Internet), and it was so cool!

5. Going to a Wedding Without a Plus-One Can be FUN! - Meet my friend Michelle. She was a bridesmaid too. And when her boyfriend wasn't able to get off work for the wedding (it was on a Friday), she was without a date. But she spotted this guy who seemed to be a pretty good dancer, and she just waltzed right up to him and asked him to dance. And he was very obliging, and she made a new friend.

That guy can dance!

6. Being a Bridesmaid is So Much Fun! - I seriously hope my bridesmaids have as much fun at my wedding as I did at Nicole's. It was my first time being a bridesmaid, and I loved it!

Nicole, your wedding was lovely, you were beautiful, and I'm so, so, so happy for you and Steven!

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