Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I sent them on their merry way!

I took my invitations to the Post Office.

They were a little sad and afraid to be leaving their Momma, but I assured them that they had many exciting things in store and took them through those automatic glass doors. Inside the doors I was met with this:

It was the longest line ever. Ev-er. And only one person was working the desk. ONE. The invitations got to stay with their Momma for a while longer. Some of them were impatient. Others were relieved. I used the long wait to separate out the invitations headed for Canada.

The Canada invites got a little cocky and arrogant after they found out I was paying more for them, but then the U.S.A. crowd reminded them of the extra travel time they would need, and they shut up pretty quickly.

I bought a bunch of these stamps:

The invitations were happy to get one more little piece of cuteness, and the cake stamps matched their ivory envelopes quite well. A few hundred peel-and-sticks later I left the Post Office triumphantly, and my invitations had finally embarked on their journeys!

As always, MOHsister Kristen was willing to humor me and celebrate this momentous occasion.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the invitations themselves!

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