Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shoes: It Takes Two

It takes two shoes to make a pair.

For me, it apparently takes two pairs of shoes to find the right one.

I originally bought these:

Chinese Laundry. Pretty. Champagne colored.

And I loved them. And they loved me. And all was well in wedding-shoe-land. But you all know what happened eventually on the morning of my first dress fitting...

So I was stuck needing a new pair of shoes. And they had to match my dress. And they had to have 2'' heels. So I did what any bride who just found herself shoeless would do, and I pulled up Zappos.com on my computer. Let me say this about Zappos: Shipping is FREE. Shipping for returns is FREE. You can buy and return as much as you want and never actually lose any money. Genius.

As if Zappos wasn't cool enough already, they let you search by heel height (also genius). So I selected Ivory 2'' heels and did a search, and lo and behold...

Nina "Culver" in Ivory Satin

I love Nina shoes. I wore some to prom in 11th grade, and I've been hooked since then. They're comfortable, and they fit my foot well. So when I found these, it was like little choirs of angels were singing in my head. I said a little prayer that they were a teensy bit darker in person to match my dress, and I put a size 6 in my shopping cart (as well as a 6.5 just in case - hello free returns!).

A few days later I had my shoes. And they were perfect. And then I went and tried them on with my dress, and they matched perfectly. And now they're sitting in their box in my closet just waiting for their big debut. Oh, and the Chinese Laundry shoes...I still love them and I don't want them to feel left out. So they'll be around at the Bridal Luncheon. And possibly the Rehearsal Dinner as well.

Shoes? Check.

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