Monday, May 24, 2010

"Look What I Made!" - Reader Frame Edition

So we've got this wedding coming up (duh.). And the wedding has a ceremony (duh again.). And because the ceremony is a Catholic one, it comes with three readings. And because we have readings, we need readers!
So we thought for like two seconds and decided to have a couple of our uncles do the reader duty for our ceremony. But I wasn't satisfied with simply asking them to do it (you know, because I'm Katie, and I'm ridiculous like that), so I made this:

Sorry for the awful picture...for some reason I insist on crafting and blogging at night when there is no natural light to take pictures with.

Okay this picture's a bit better. Please excuse my nasty split ends.
It says "Uncle Chris - Will you do a reading at our wedding?"
(then the reading)
"Love, Katie and Jeff"

To make it, I just printed out the text on some cream cardstock, then affixed the reading to some black cardstock, snip-snip-snipped, glue-glue-glued, and ta-da! Oh and yes, I did chop up a Bible for this project. I wanted it to look like a Bible with all the verse numbers and stuff. I have many, many, Bibles, and I just carefully cut out of one of the cheap paperback ones. Is that wrong?

Here's a close-up:

Yes, we picked the cheesy Corinthians reading. But it's okay, because Verses 7 and 8 were sometimes the one thing that got us through the years we spent doing the long-distance thing, so it's meaningful-ish. Jeff can't come to my Senior Prom? Love bears all things. Jeff can't come back to Texas for a whole three months? Love endures all things. Is this long-distance stuff going to be worth it? Love believes all things. I can't tell you how many times I repeated those two verses to myself. I had them typed up and framed by my desk in college.

Anyway, we gave that frame to Uncle Chris while he was in College Station for my graduation, and he said yes! and Jeff's Uncle Bill said yes too, so now we have our readers!


  1. Great idea! I just started writing a wedding blog myself and I can't wait to follow your blog and get great ideas and suggestions for my wedding next year!

  2. Hey Katie!
    (this has nothing to do with your post, but kinda)
    Thanks for posting the 1 corinthians! I have a friend whos going through a really tough breakup and seeing that made me think of a way I could talk to him and help him through this so thanks!

    And btw, those are awesome readings and awesome ideas!!!