Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We're gonna put a dragon on a cake.

Yep. We sure are. Not like this...

But like this:

It looks like a dragon, right? A dragon that matches the wedding colors. Haha.

So this weird-looking feathery monster is going to be displayed at our wedding. Why? Because he's actually part of this logo:

University of South Carolina Gamecocks. Yep. It's actually a fighting rooster.

The little dragon gamecock is going to be right in the middle of Jeff's groom's cake (where it says "seal"), which will look like this:

Please excuse my less-than-perfect drawing skills.

It's going to be a yummy flavor called "Chocolate Truffle," and it'll be decorated with little tuxedo strawberries!

Aren't they the cutest things ever?!?

I'm actually a little more excited about Jeff's cake than I am about the big white one. I looove chocolate, and you better believe I'll be heading straight for this cake after I eat my ogligatory bite of the big one! Despite the giant dragon-gamecock, I am really happy with the plans for this cake!

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