Sunday, April 11, 2010

Introducing...the Flower Girls!

So I have about a bajillion cousins. Big family for sure. Once upon a time I graduated from high school and the ENTIRE family came and I made Jeff a giant photo family tree and he put it in his office on the wall and memorized it before they came. That's why I'm marrying him. Because he memorizes giant family trees without me even telling him to.

Anyway...somewhere in those bajillions of cousins, I happen to have two very cute little girl cousins.

This one's Sydney. We made those Christmas trees last December.

And this one's Sara. She's a smiler. :o)
(Baby Sophia is too little to be a flower girl...)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bride in possession of adorable little cousins must be in want of them being flower girls in her wedding (anybody catch the Pride & Prejudice reference? No? Okay, just me then). Anyway, I called their dad. I asked him if they could be flower girls (you know, since you have to ask the parents first and all...). He said yes.

So while I was in McKinney this weekend for my bridal shower (which I will tell you about as soon as I get some pictures!!), I made a trip to see Sydney and Sara. I told them what a flower girl is, and then I asked them if they would want to do it, and they said yes (of course. What little girl doesn't want to wear a pretty dress and carry flowers?). I brought a little present for them...

"Ooh! It's a book!"

It was this cute little book!

Sara was awfully confused about what a flower girl does. Don't worry though, she'll figure it out!

Sara even more confused. Haha.

So now we have flower girls! And they're the cutest flower girls ever. I'm not biased at all. ;o)

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